"Nina - just has the guts to get the job well done on a thin budget. For our organization, we had two phone calls on Day 1, a couple of exchanges on WhatsApp same day, project scope sent on Day 2, Agreement signing and project kick off on Day 3, and results with primary data and graphs on Day 30. The project report was well done, creative and to the point. Unlike other consultants who repeat what you told them, Nina takes the problem to heart and bulldozes her way through it all to the finish line and comes out smelling like a rose. All results. And she loves helping others achieve results too. She is the real deal. No fluff." Dr Moka Lantum, Managing Partner (February 2017)

AfroVintage Media

“Prior to my work with Nina, I had not had a lot experience working with a consultant for my own venture so I was vastly relieved when she immediately put me at ease and I was able to fumble through and talk through the work that I needed to be done. My experience with Siyu Productions and Nina, in particular, was seamless, she is responsive and timely with deliverables and open to follow up questions and proposals. She has become my go to when I am asked for a referral because I know she would not disappoint. I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for a guide to Kenya business." Christine Githiomi, AfroVintage Media (January 2017)


“Nina has been a terrific mentor and advisor since our first meeting, using her vast experience to help me brainstorm new ideas, connecting me with other entrepreneurs, and advising on the best ways forward when I've met with challenges. I've left each meeting with her with a pageful of notes and ideas that have allowed me to better structure my development processes and strategies to find success. Thank you!” - Claire Mongeau, Co-Founder & CEO (August 2016)

"Nina helped our business development team restructure the sales strategy across the country and her sound advice on go-to-market plan allowed us to grow our revenue sooner than we expected" - Njue Duncan M, Founder (July 2016)