AXN is an information brokerage and expert connection service that offers access to a proprietary network of over 500 subject matter experts in African markets to companies and investors seeking real-time, granular business insights.

AfricanWise is your stepping stone into Sub-Saharan Africa. Based in The Netherlands, with branches in Germany, Nigeria, Kenya and South-Africa, we support European and African clients in all major industries. We are experts in assessing and placement of opportunities in Africa, this is done by leveraging our combined years of contacts and having sourced projects and developed businesses for expansion in sub-Saharan Africa. We will handle financing with outside investors on an as needed basis. We have a hands-on approach in Business Development and assist you in researching market-dynamics, choosing key-markets, developing entry-strategies and markets. Our main focus lies in executing your strategy based on a solid background in and knowledge of African business culture.

The Founders’ Hive is an advisory firm for startups composed of passionate partners who are participants in the startup & tech industry and want to help founders that are on their way to build world class companies. The Founders’ Hive aims to support startups and empower founders of great ideas from an early stage to accelerate their growth. They have partnered with industry experts and leaders in oder to deliver a reliable service, devised by founders for founders. The Founders’ Hive focuses on Concept Development, Branding, Operations, Financing and Project Management.