Obscure Freeware Games


                                                 Welcome to  Obscure Freeware Games !

Here you can find some of the oldest freeware games for Windows, as well as some newer games and utilties. Some of these games were made for Windows 3.1, but all work on Windows XP. All of the game and utilties .zip files just have EXE's in them. So no need to worry about instalation.

SkiFree.zip In Ski Free, you ski down a near endless slope in three challenge modes. But look out for the yeti near the end ! 

WinFight.zip Put 'em up ! This fun distraction lets you shoot some outlaws in a duel. You use the mouse to shoot at the bad guys who show up on screen.

TheLiberationofKuwait.zip This mock peice of propaganda lets you fight the first Gulf War in a mouse click. Just see for yourself.

PieBillGates.zip Ever wan't to pie Bill Gates ? Here's your chance ! NOTE- This a light humored game, and not something malcious. Just to poke fun at the worlds most famous billionare.

AntAttack.zip Ants are attacking your picknick ! Defend your food with bug spray ! I'm not sure it would taste very good after the ants leave though.

AnvilAwareness.zip Anvils from the sky ! Avoid at all cost ! Or you know...you lose, I don't know. 

fightersfury.zip Ever play or want to play a turn base fighting game ? I didn't think so, but check it out anyway.

YourBasicBlock.zip Well, what more do you want me to explain ? Isn't the title self explanitory ?

LostintheStatic.zip In this game, you move against a static world. Everything is static, including you. Just don't play too long or you'll get dizzy.

Grabby.zip  This is one of the best screenshot utilities I have ever used ! All you need to do is hit the print-screen button, and you have screenshots !

Hover.zip This game is simple 3D capture the flag game. It was originally shiped with Windows 95 to show off its capabilities.

ShotGunNinja.zip In this game you take the role of a ninja with a shotgun trying to take back his stolen money. It's somewhat like a old C-64 game. Windows ?

AtariRock.zip This isn't a game, but some music I mixed out of old Atari music called Atari Rock ! Enjoy ! WAV file in zip folder. 909 kb unzipped.

BluescreenOdeath.mov Ok, this isn't a game, but it's funny anyway. It's from the demo of Windows 98 and crashed on stage. You'll need Quicktime to play it. Right click "save as" to download.

Stressreducers.zip Ever want to destroy your desktop ? Blast away hated icons ? Well here's a game for you !

7z and XmasLamers.zip Here's a cool MS-DOS game for you ! In it, you have to stop robot Santas from delivering dangerous presents ! Plays kinda like Lemmings. NOTE ! The game is enclosed in a 7z compression folder. I've included the 7z program to open it.

3DMaze.exe Whoa ! Mind bender ! This is as you geussed a maze game. But you have a HUGE maze to navigate ! Many headaches await you here !

PoliticalIslandGeography.zip Here's a game of my very own !Geusse the name of islands and their capitols to be the ultimate champ ! It's abrowser based, and includes all the HTML files and images.

                       That's all for now ! I'll have some more files in the future. So for now, enjoy !