Welcome to ZZUBYTTIHS Custom TFC files.

TFC was so good to me, I thought I would give back to the community. I lost a bunch of files in a HD failure but I managed to save some. I will upload everything I have eventually, if you have files you would like to contribute no matter the amount PLEASE DO! I do all the work, just drag and drop. See the upload button in the sidebar to upload files.

If you see something of yours and don't want it hosted feel free to contact me and it will be removed asap.
With all the main sites gone and only a few fragmented data bases out there, why not give back to the best game ever made.......Long live TFC!


Total Files            Total Downloads Served
                                 2,800                                                                    80,455


New install directory for ALL files

I'm sorry but almost all ReadMe files will now be wrong. Steam has moved the TFC client Folder...
The new location is.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Half-Life\tfc

Any problems installing something feel free to post at our forum.
Remember always backup your files & be on the safe side.

We are in the data base building phase and the website is still under construction. This site will slowly grow over time, due to my free account limitations I won't have many options, but I plan to upgrade if the demand is enough. I also have a forum, Click the "Forums" button to register.

This is my first website so bare with me.
Thanks Espionage DB7 for the website header.
Thanks to hlstriker for the photo host.

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Thanks to known & unknown uploaders.
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