What is Writely?

A Web based word processor and more!

I love technology, I always have. There is something wonderful about the world we live in and the great advances that are occuring in technology.

Writely is one of those products that I see as being a pivitol piece of technology. Thhis is one little product that might just slay the evil giant! It is a web based word processor. The really interesting part about the product is it can accept documents from MS Word, Open Office, RTF, and straight HTML.

It converts the documents into an HTML format, and offers a web based storage solution. This is great, you can access your documents from any computer that has internet access. Even better it also allows you to share documents with collaborators, or to publish them to the world via the web.

Maybe best of all it's FREE. And free is a damn sight cheaper than the $400 price tag for MS Office.

Oh, and i should tell you that Writely is now part of Google. Google has lots of money, and lots of smart people in their organization. I think Writely will go far.

Writely is by no means a comprehensive replacement for MS Word, it is lacking many of the more advanced  features. You cannot use macros, jump into VB code, generate a Table of Contents, etc. But before you run off, think about it. How many of us use the advanced features? The answer is not very many of us. I write books for a living, technical books, and I do not need, or would ever conceive of the need to use VB code. Yes i do use the diabolical Table of Contents, the feature that requires a PHD in AstroPhysics and the patience of Job to get working! Truth is, I could probably generate the Table of Contents manually in a lot less time than it takes to 'fix' it in Word.

Right now Writely is being re-tooled into the world of google, but I am confident that we will be seeing it announced in the next 2 months.

For more information check out the Writely homepage.