Useful things

Useful things to do with the BeerBox

I was feeling a little miffed at Microsoft, I think Mr Gates has made quite enough money and so I decided to try something completley different....Linux

It was the right price (free). So I downloaded Fedora Core 4, and we were cooking! Apart from some swearing and tearing of hair out the install went seemlessly. Within a couple of weeks I had a working system! Ok it was not quite as easy as setting up Windoze, but it was educational.

My wife and I both like to chat on the IRC, in fact my wife owns a channel #cajun_delight on undernet. IRC actually has two major components a client (Mirc) and a Server. As a challenge I decided to set up the BeerBox as an IRC Server.

Hours and hours and god knows how many beer's later I managed to get UnrealIrcd running. This was a project that no sane person should attempt!

Of course no IRC server is complete without 'Services', this is a program that allows people to manage user accounts and channels. I decided that Anope looked like the best candidate. Well, if UnrealIrcd was the crossword puzzle in the TV times, Anope was the New York Times! It is easy to install, it is the configuration that is the real problem. The config file is 50 thousand lines long and evry single line seems to need tweeking.

After about 3 million attempts I finally had it running.

My advice to any would be IRC server owner is...... find someone else to do it!

In elapsed time I guess that the whole project took about 6 weeks! It's a good job I have an understanding wife.

A couple of weeks later I decided that it would be fun to also add a Web server to the BeerBox. That would allow me to host my own Web sites. This resulted in another very long and frustrating adventure into the dark world of Linux.