Home Networking

If you have more than one computer at home

If you have more than one computer at home you may want to consider connecting them together to make a network. There are many advantages in doing this.

  • Share the printer
  • Share files
  • Share the internet connection

By networking your computers each computer can access the internet independently.  If you are using cable or ADSL you can do this with no loss of internet speed. This is not a difficult project and showld be within the scope of anyone capable of weilding a screwdriver!

To get started you will need to install a Network Card in each PC. Network Cards very in price, but a generic one can usually be bought for under $20.

You will also need a small black box called a router, and two cat5 patch cables. Routers can be purchased for under $50 and the patch cables (depending on length) for about $5 each. The total outlay for the project will be under $100.

 The physical installation should take no time at all.

The next step is to configure the router. Most routers designed for home use have a web based setup utility. The instuctions on how to run it will be included with the router but generally it is just a case of setting your browser to and then following the on screen instructions.

Most routers have 4 ports included in them, so using this technology you can link up to 4 computers together. If you need additional capacity you will need to purchase an additional piece of hardware called a Hub. Hubs come in 4, 8, 16, 24 port configurations.