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Computer Support in the Montgomery and Bowness Areas of Calgary

This page is all about computers, how to run them, how to fix em, and how to have fun with them!

If You live in the Mongomery Bowness, or Parkdale areas of Calgary and need some computer help, please check out Calgary Computer Support. Their services include:

If you are a do-it-yourself person then why not try my online help documents. Maybe this is all you need.

I am experienced with IBM, HP, Levorno, Compaq, in fact all of the major manufacturers.

If you are looking for some easy reading you might enjoy my computer history page.

For some humour you might enjoy my blog.

A really fun aspect of being in the computer field is to play with all of the really fun software that is available. There are so many free programs available, I cannot see any reason to want to actually spend money buying a commercial product! In the next few days I will be adding a page about my favorite free software.

One of my many hobbies is creating wierd and wonderful computers. Over the dark frozen months that we call winter in Calgary I created the BeerBox. The BeerBox started off as just a joke computer, however once I had put it together I decided that I might as well try and do something useful with it. Of course 'useful' is a word open to many different interpretations!

Having beaten the BeerBox into submission I have started on a new pointless computer project.

You might think that all I do is fairly pointless things. Well on occasions i do try to do serious things as well. I just have not quite got around to creating a page about my other activities yet.

I have been reading a lot about blogs, so I decided that I should get me one!

A review of some authors (a test of Writely). What is Writely I hear you ask. Well click here for some information.


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