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Configure zync-maya Multifile Module

Zync has recently released a new version of the zync-maya plugin. This plugin is package as a multifile module , which means the procedure for getting Maya to load the plugin has changed slightly.

This page describes the procedure for migrating your zync-maya plugin configuration to the new setup. Most Zync users will have installed using our Plugin Installer, and can update their plugin configuration by downloading the latest installer from and updating their plugins. This page usually only applies to users who have installed plugins directly from Github.

Update Your Plugins

If you've made local modifications to the zync-maya plugin, make sure to make a backup copy of your local install so you can reinstate your changes once the upgrade is complete.

Next, follow the procedure you normally would for updating your plugins. See the "Update Plugins" doc page for a refresher.

Note that this will change the zync-maya directory structure. The old structure looks like:

|-- zync.png

The new structure has an additional subdirectory level, like:

|-- scripts/
| |--
| |--
|-- icons/
| |-- zync.png

If Git left any .py or .pyc files around in the root of zync-maya/, delete them.

Remove Maya.env Config

Previously, zync-maya updated your Maya.env file with a new PYTHONPATH and XBMLANGPATH in order to load the plugin. See the Maya docs on how to locate your Maya.env.

Remove the Zync sections from Maya.env . For example this:


Would become this:


Create zync.mod

Locate your Maya modules directory. This is usually stored in <maya app dir>/<version>/modules/ , e.g. C:/Users/username/Documents/maya/2017/modules . If you're not sure where yours is you can look at the value of the MAYA_MODULE_PATH environment variable

If the modules directory doesn't exist, create it. Then create a file named zync.mod in that directory with the following contents:

+ 1.0 zync /path/to/zync/zync-maya

Substitute your own zync-maya install location.

Restart Maya

Done ! The Zync shelf should still appear and function as it did before.