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Spec Spiker

My contribution to The Lone Magpie's concept of a mascot spaceship for the ZX Spectrum - the 'Spec Spiker'.  The vertical top-view (shown in yellow) was drawn by BiNMaN, for a multi-directional scrolling game.  The horizontal side-view versions show the evolution of my interpretation for a horizontal scrolling shooter.

There is also a stubby 16x16 version for maze-type games, shown banking upward and downward.  This chibi version can re-use the front/rear views of the last iteration of the main sprite when turning.

The Spec Spiker features one large main engine and a pair of extra thrusters and tails above that.  The main weapon curves around the cockpit bubble as per BiNMan's plan view, and the side wings are short and angled steeply downward, ending in auxiliary weapons pods.

Famous Character UDGs

These graphics are intended to represent famous game characters as 8x8 UDGs.  See if you can guess what they are!  (Answers below).

There are also a few extra of my own from when I first had a Spectrum.  Although the graphics and characters of the game Buzzsaw+ remain my copyright, these UDG versions may be freely used for cameo appearances by the main creatures.

Game Characters (highlight to reveal):
1. Manic Miner (Miner Willy), Starquake, Nemesis / Gradius (Vic Viper), Advanced Lawnmower Simulator, Star Wars (TIE Fighter), Penetrator, Nebulus, Jetpac.
2. Sabre Wulf, Atic Atac (Knight), Head Over Heels (Head), Cybernoid, Thrusta, Doomsday Castle, 1942, Quazatron.
3. Kokotoni Wilf, Match Point, Manic Miner (Mutant Telephone), Chuckie Egg x3, LightForce, Super Hang-On.
4. Rodland, Asteroids / Thrust, Tetris x6.
5. Buzzsaw+ x5, 3D Space Wars, Wheelie.

Other Images:
7. Teddy Bear, Helicopter, Arcade Race Car, Skull / Gas Mask.

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16 Sept 2013, 04:23
Jason Railton,
16 Sept 2013, 03:34