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Sinclair ZX Spectrum
ZX Spectrum
Sinclair Spectrum
48k "rubber keys"
Spectrum+ 128K
Spectrum +2
Spectrum +2A
Spectrum +3


Interface 1
Interface one
Interface 2
Interface two
ZX Printer
RAM Turbo (interface)
Kempston (joystick interface)
Multiface (interface)
Disciple (disk interface)
Plus D (disk interface)
Opus (disk system)
Wafadrive (looped tape system)
Prism (modem)
Fuller (sound/speech)
Currah (µspeech)
Alphacom (thermal printer)
Light Pen
Light Gun



ROM cartridges
Microdrive cartridges
3 inch disks


Popular software publishers                                           

Activision Inc *
Atlantis Software Ltd
Bug-Byte Software Ltd
Code Masters Ltd *
Digital Integration
Domark Ltd 
Durell Software Ltd
Elite Systems Ltd
Firebird Software Ltd
Gilsoft International
Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd
Hewson Consultants Ltd
Imagine Software Ltd
Incentive Software Ltd
Mastertronic Ltd
Melbourne House
Mikro-Gen Ltd
Ocean Software Ltd
Psion Software Ltd
Quicksilva Ltd
Sinclair Research Ltd (full list)
Ultimate Play the Game *
US Gold Ltd
Virgin Games Ltd

* The copyright holder for games released by this company has denied permission for them to be distributed electronically (buying copies of the original cassettes is the only legal route to obtaining them if you don't already own these games).



Your Sinclair
Your Spectrum
Sinclair User
Sinclair Programs
ZX Computing
The Complete Spectrum
Format magazine


Popular book publishers                                                 

Ebay sellers often neglect to give details of a book's publisher, making it a little difficult if you are collecting a particular range of books.  The Bookfinder links below connect to pages listing individual book titles according to the given publisher.  You can also search amazon.co.uk from the Bookfinder pages.

Collins Educational > Bookfinder
Dorling Kindersley Ltd > Bookfinder
Fontana Publishing
Granada Publishing > Bookfinder
McGraw-Hill Book Company UK Ltd
Melbourne House
Micro Press > Bookfinder
Pan Books
Shiva Publishing
Sunshine Books
Usborne Publishing
Virgin Books