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If you've downloaded and enjoyed a PDF copy of ZXF, please consider paying for it using PayPal. Each issue costs £1 (1 GBP).  Payment for the free PDF version is completely voluntary.

Magazine downloads               

Issue eleven onwards are available both as free PDF downloads and as a print version through the Print On Demand Service at Lulu.  To visit the Lulu page for the print version, click on the green 'Print version' link.  From the Lulu page you will be able to purchase your hard copy of ZXF.  Please note that, although prices on Lulu are given in US Dollars, the price is set originally in GBP.  If you are based in the UK the you will should see prices in GBP once you have signed in/registered.

Prices given below do not include postage and packaging.

 ZXF11 (April 2007) - Hi res (34MB) Lo res (1.4MB) Print version (£5)

Issues one to ten come in both 'normal' versions (the 'ALL' files) and 'print' versions (two files per magazine - 'Part A' and 'Part B').  The Print versions fold to form an A5 booklet.

To create a print version, download Part A first and print it out from Acrobat Reader, making sure that you select 'Landscape' (ie, not 'portrait') from your printer's properties.  When the printout is complete, keeping the pages in the order they left the printer, re- insert the printed pages so that your printer will print on the reverse side (for most inkjet printers this will simply mean inserting the pile into the feeder tray blank side up, but some printers turn the page internally; you know your printer best).  Now download Part B and print it out (ie, onto the pages you've just re-inserted).  Fold down the middle and you're ready to read.

TZXF is a cut down version of ZXF put togther by Cristian Grecu that can be loaded into a real or emulated spectrum.

ZXF10 (Spring 2005) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF09 (Christmas 2004) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF08 (Summer 2004) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF07 (Spring 2004) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF06 (Christmas 2003) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF05 (Summer 2003) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF04 (Spring 2003) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF03 (Christmas 2002) Part A Part B ALL

ZXF02 (Autumn 2002) Part A Part B ALL     TZXF

ZXF01 (Summer 2002) Part A Part B ALL     TZXF 

Book downloads               

The ZX Spectrum on your PC is ZXF's complete guide to Windows Speccy emulation for ex-Spectrum users returning to the scene and wondering what it's all about.  It's available as both a free PDF download and as a paperback book to buy from the ZXF Shop.

The ZX Spectrum on Your PC Free PDF download     ZXF shop

Facsimile downloads               

In case you hadn't noticed, ZXF thinks PDF is rather smashing.  Here are a few 'reproduction' PDF files I've put together over the last few years.

Sinclair Software and Peripherals Catalogue (6/1983) Part A Part B ALL

The ZX Spectrum Introduction booklet

PAW version A16 supplementary booklet


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