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One of my hobbies is collecting Spectrum books, most of which date from 1983-1984.  Spectrum sales were soaring during this time, but the popular games industry was only just emerging.  The phenomena of the 'bedroom programmer' that would become this market's lifeblood was probably a key outcome of this initial 'DIY period'; although the look and feel of these books is quite different from the pop culture that the industry eventually grew into, therefore, it could be argued that a great deal of its beginings can be traced back to books like these.

Of course the Internet makes it very easy to track down copies of these books now.  Bookfinder aims to make this just a little bit easier still.  Use the links below to explore books grouped according to publisher; there are customised ebay, amazon and abebooks search links for all books.

If you're not actually after physical copies, a growing number of scanned books can be found at - the book page is here.