Dr Zhiwen Luo
B.Eng (HIT), PhD (UHK) 
Lecturer in Sustainable Technology
School of Construction Management and Engineering
University of Reading, United Kingdom


Research Interests:
  • Urban micro-climates
  • Sustainable building design
  • Infectious disease transmission in hospital environment

Dr Zhiwen (Vincent) Luo’s research interests cover both building-and-urban-scale physics. Within the building scale, he is interested in sustainable building design, natural ventilation, infectious disease transmission in hospital environment. For the urban scale, which he believes is a new but very promising research area, he is interested in the research of urban ventilation modelling, urban air pollution and urban heat island to achieve sustainable urban planning. As an engineer, he is devoted to working with urban planner, architects to provide guideline and mapping for urban planners and policy makers.He has previous research experience on the urban ventilation, urban heat island and urban pollution in Hong Kong. Recently, he has extended the urban climate research in Chongqing, China and London, UK.

3 PhD Studentships are available for Non-EU citizen. Students with Engineering and physics backgrounds, especially with CFD, heat transfer and fluid mechanics are welcome.