The Truth Behind Darth Vader

This was inevitable.  Deal with it.  (Only goes as far as him getting his world famous body)

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Lord Voldemort

Born Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader started out as a slave to Watto, a junk dealer.  He is noticed by Qui-Gon Jinn and is believd to be the "Chosen One" said to bring balance to the Force.  Before Qui-Gon can take him to the Jedi council, he must win his freedom in a podrace.  After winning, they take off for Coruscant.  The council deny him training, but his victory in the battle for Naboo grants him this right.  Ten years pass between movies 1 and 2.  Anakin now is under the training of Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Over the course of the movie, he begins to display his growing urge for power, something that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine has taken considerable note of.  At the time of his mothers death, he lets out his anger and kills her captors.  As the movie goes, he confornts Obi-Wan's master Count Dooku.  Losing his arm, he vows to end the upcoming war.  When he confronts him the second time, he wins and lightsabers his head off (yes, lightsabers is used as a verb, just like "google it" is a verb).  He then becomes a close friend of Palpatine, something that the Jedi don't like.  When it is revealed that Palpatine is the Sith Master, a elite group of jedi take him on.  All but one of them are slain by the sith master, and Mace Windu is killed by Anakin, when Palpatine tempts him with the ability to save the one he loves (Padme).  At this point, Sidious (Palpatine's sith name) makes Anakin his apprentice and calls him Darth Vader.  He then orders the destruction of the jedi.  Vader kills all at the jedi temple and persues the leaders of the rebellion.  There, he is confronted by his master, where they have their last battle as equals.  Although vader loses most of his body, he is recovered by Sidious and is given a ultimate biosuit.  Now he is the Vader that everyone knows.