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Harare's First Street bustles with activity in the day.

Harare, with a population estimated to be about 1.6 million, is the capital of Zimbabwe (Harare Crotia, Harare 2008). Even though it is located near the tropics, Harare enjoys mild weather because of its high elevation.

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An overview of downtown Harare.

Harare was once known as Salisbury, but changed its name in 1980, while retaining its capital status, at Zimbabwe's independence ("Harare (Zimbabwe)"). The city is well planned with tree-lined avenues and multi-storied buildings, and acts as a hub for trains, international flights, and buses. It also houses the University of Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, Harare was hit hard with the economic downturn in the late 20th century ("Zimbabwe").

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The Eastgate Shopping Mall in Harare. Downtown Harare is known for the lack of native African culture, and contains many upscale European stores.

The greater Harare area has more than two million residents in 2006 ("Zimbabwe"). Harare receives roughly 59 cm of rainfall a year and has an average temperature of:

Jan Hi

27 C

Jan Lo

17 C

July Hi

21 C

July Lo

8 C

Source: Monthly Averages: Harare, ZWE

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Looking down Samora Machel Ave.


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