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Worflow tools are design specialy to generate and manipulate datas in you gizmo conception.

 Functions Description
 AddConstant Add a constant value
 And Logical operator And
 Condition Create a condition statement in your gizmo.
 This node has 4 inputs. The A and B input are for condition and the C and B inputs are for output.
If the condition is true then the "Then" behavior is set else the "Else" behavior is set.

There is 6 available conditions:
 Equal A == B
 Not Equal A != B
 Greater Than A > B
 Less Than A < B
 Greater Than or Equal A >= B
 Less Than or Equal A <= B

 Constant Generate a float or vector
 Copy Aspect Ratio Copy the pixel aspect ratio from a node to another
 Copy bbox  Copy the bounding box of a node to another one
 Copy Frame Range Copy the frame range from a node to another
 Copy Resolution Copy the picture resolution from a node to another
 DivideConstant Divide by a constant value
 Int Generate an integer
 MultiplyConstant Multiply by a constant value
 Not Logical operator Not
 Or Logical operator Or
 TwoWaySwitch Swith A or B input by condition