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UV are 2D coordinate usualy used in 3D as texture coordinates on object's surfaces.
You can access to UV informations in Globals functions.
UV are linear gradients.
X is in Red component from 0 atleft to 1 at right.
Y is in Green component from 0 at bottom to 1 at top.

There is tool in Nuke which is call STMap that put a picture tu such coordinate system.


Duplicate your system coordinate horizontaly and verticaly.
This is commonly exactly like a tile function.
You can also generate a "Tag" in the Blue channel that create a unique color for each duplication.
With the Tag channel, you can randomize you translation and scale or every modifications that you apply to the UV map.

A simple per pixel translation of the UV coordinate system.
In this example, i use the Tag channele to randomize to position of every UV tile.

A simple per pixel scale of the UV coordinate system.
Agin for this example, i've used a Tag map for randomize the scaling of every map.