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Tools category is where i put every stuff tricky to organize.
They are a bunch of tools that might be usefull for them purpose.

Bytes allow you to convert the bytes depth of your pictures. This is off course only for filtering because Nuke still always working in 32 floating point color depth.

This node allow you to check if a channel exist and create it if it's not.
This is mainly to avoid some function like the Copy node to turn in Error while the node is not connected.
I'm using that gizmo very offen inside other gizmo as a security one.

This node duplicate the left border to the right one and the bottom border to th top one.
I'm using this node only on procedural work on pattern to made them tilable.

Null is a NoOp node. Simply use to put control that control other nodes or other Null.

Simply draw a single pixel at a given XY coordinate.
You can set a color.

Sample a pixel at a given XY coordinate and return a RGBA value to knobs.

Scanline is similar to the Shake's PlotScanline.
This scan an horizontal line of the picture and draw the strongness of the color as a colored dot on screen.
This node is always set to 512x512 pixels.
Youcan draw rules that show you a white line at -1, 0 and 1 value.
You can also modify the visualisation range by modify the Fit Range minimum and maximum values.

Similar to the SetDOD command of Shake.
This Gizmo allow to change the color outside the bouding box.
This node help you to solve edge artifact in filtering.