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Globals variables are a bunch of nodes that return simple information as color in picture buffer.
For example, the frame node will return the value of the current frame. If you are at frame 0, the picture is black, if you are at frame 1, picture is white, if you are at frame 10, the color value is 10, etc..
This is a very good base while keeping in mind the visual programming concept.
Make operations directly between pictures.

 Functions Description
 BoundingBoxReturn in RGBA the XYRT value of the bounding box 
Create 2 gradients that going from -1 to 1 from left to right and top to bottom.
The 0,0 coordinate is always at the center of the picture.
 FrameReturn the current frame value. 
 FrameRangeReturn in RG the first frame and last frame of the node. 
 PixelRangeReturn the pixel aspect ratio. 
 RGBDo nothing, just a bypass node. 
 SetupVPAs we work mostly in vector, this node remove all unused channel by the VP components. 
 UVReturn in RG the UV coordinate. 
 XYReturn in RG the XY coordinate.