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Morphological Filter serie are use to modify binary mask.
5 gizmos are available:
  • Binary
  • Border
  • DirectionalBlur
  • Occlusion
  • ShapeSofter

BlurChroma allow you to blur the color of an image without modify it's shape.
Simple Bokeh filter.
 IBokeh let you control the effect value throught a mask.
This Color Edge gizmo is a simple edge detection. It use 3 differents algo.
Sobel, Babu and Simple. This filter applied on RGBA channels.
The Convolve node is a collection of convolution matrix taked from Shake, Flame, and some image processing books.
This a good base while creating compositing node and new filter matrix.
there is a list of Matrix:
  • blur3x3
  • blur5x5
  • sharpen
  • edge3x3
  • edge5x5
  • laplace
  • smoothedge
  • sobelH
  • sobelV
  • BabuH
  • BabuV
  • Robinson H 3x3
  • Kirsch H 3x3
  • MexicanHat 5x5
  • LineFinding H 5x5
  • BoxFilter 7x7
  • Gaussian 7x7
  • Bartlett 7x7
  • MexicanHat 17x17
This is a linear filter matrix that is remap with a color lookup to filter every channels independently. The fact that you reshape the matrix by a curve allow you to pass from a filter to another. 
EdgeExtend extend the edge of your picture.
This node works in a totaly different method than the originalEdge Extend. I've used the LevelSet filter to generate the new border extension. I've also added a pre edge blur to help you to deal with noise and allow you to catch the internal mask structure.
Emboss is an advanced embossing effect