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Bytes node is similar to the Shake's one. It convert the picture in another byte space. This is of course a simple simulation as Nuke know to work only in 32 floating point color space. 
Compress color is very important. This is a common color correction function that push the low color to a value and the high color to another. While tempting to made a color matching between 2 picture this Gizmo might be really usefull.
Similar to Shake's Compress.
Expand is a gizmo similar to the Shake's command of the same name.
Expand does the exact reverse of the Compress node. It stretch the color between to low and high color value.
Same as the Shake's Monochrome node.
You can play independently with the 3 color component.
This node is a Z-depth or Z-buffer Normalizer.
This works by puting every value in absolute and finding the minimum and maximum value of the depth channel and expand this values between 0 and 1.
The trick is that in commom normalizer, the minimum value is always 0 (infinity) so i create a function that avoid computing the 0 for the minimum value.
SaturationRGB let you modify the saturation value per component.
Cut a color Slice of the picture and create a mask of the result.
Threshold the image using a color value, a range of thresholding and a replacement color.