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Data Network 01:

Simple l-system with cubes replication.

Data Network 02:

Every generator points has it's own l-system seed.
White sphere are following every path.

Data Network 03:

similar to the 02 version with more generations and longer recursions.

Neural Network 01:

Different way of making l-system. Lines connect together by nodes.

Neural Network 02:

Same as version 01 with a bigger network. 

Neural Network 03:

Same as version 02 with a magnetic sphere pushing the network outside from the center.

Neural Network 04:

Different way of making network with circular tubes rather that simple cylinders.
Sphere are moving along networks.

Neural Network 05:

Same as 04. Bigger structure.


Abstract l-system on a grid.

Hilbert 3D 01:

Simple Hilbert pattern

Axiom: X
Rules: X = ^/XF^/XFX-F^\\XFX&F+\\XFX-F\X-\
Angle: 90
Generation: 3

Hilbert 3D 02:

Same as 01 with a generation of 4.

Hilbert 3D 03:

Hilbert curve in a sphere.

Hilbert 3D 04:

Hilbert curve in a head.

Sphere 01:

Similar to Neural Network. Cylinder rendered with ambient occlusion.

Sphere 02:

Hilbert curve absorbed by a sphere.
Another sphere expand a part creating a hole.

Sphere 03:

Same as 02 with curved pattern.


Curved l-system  generate from a grid.
Cube replication by simple Copy SOP with stamping.

Blame House:

Square l-system generation.
Cube replication by Copy SOP with stamping.


Another procedural lsystem projected on surface.