Recordings by the Rothschilds:  in Memory of Isaac Meyers


These songs were written and performed between September 2004 and June 2006 by Isaac Meyers in his band, The Rothschilds.  He went by the moniker Professor Tam Tam.  He collaborated with Zvi Halpern, who he nicknamed M.C. Zed.  Isaac had an amazing sense of melody, and almost all these tunes were written entirely by him.  He also played the ukelele sometimes. 

He will be deeply missed.  Baruch Dayan Ha'emet.


To play the song, just click on the link below.  Or right click with your mouse and "Save Target" to your computer.

Studio Songs

A simple Jew

Batya's Got Rhythm

The Shidduch Date was Bad

Sarah is a Lawyer Intro

Sarah is a Lawyer

Frum Period

Old McDonald (sad version)

Isaac "Kickin' it"

I'm Out of Tune

Live Songs

Large Files - these files are hosted on another server, so these links will bring you to that site - you can then play or download from there.  These are some of the best files from our May 2006 concert - the laughter in the room is infectious.

Don't Worry Babe (You don't have to go to minyan (you're a girl)) and Sonia

No One's Really Shomer Negiah

Rothschilds Grand Finale, + 2 encores: 8 Branch Candelabra of Love, and Ramaz Grrl


Smaller files, from the same concert, are downloadable straight from this site:

Tuning up

Should Isaac Stand Up?

Frum Period

A Short Realization

A Simple Jew

When She Was Frum


Lyrics Files

Some Rothschilds songs never were recorded. 

JuBu Judy