PhD candidate, CNRS, Paris 1, Complex Systems Institute of Paris

Master’s degree in Economics and Public Policy from École Polytechnique, Sciences Po Paris & ENSAE.

The focus of my PhD research is on the extraction of economically valuable information from the data on movements of ships around the world. In particular, I study the evolution of the maritime trade network, looking for a good network formation model which could help us to predict the response of the network to critical events such as natural disasters, wars, etc.

My research interests include: the evolution of real world networks, algorithmic game theory, network economics, and the use of complexity science in the design of efficient public policies. I also have strong links with the IT industry and I have contributed to the development of Spoj.com community.

Supervisor: Arnaud Banos

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Contact: zuzanna.stamirowska( at )iscpif.fr