václav havel

václav havel (5 October 1936 - 18 December 2011)
first a dissident & a political prisoner, then a president.
somehow it makes sense linguistically.
it also makes sense in sense of justice.

václav havel was an accumulation of all things i consider good in human kind.
he was kind, always respectful and decent, even to his enemies
but never afraid to tell the truth, regardless of the consequences
he was civil yet mischievous, intelligent and open-minded, diligent but always able to improvise
with a sense of humour which he didn't hesitate to use to make fun of himself and his mistakes
& as a playwright he had a great eloquence which helped him fight for his cause.

(Mr Havel had invited his friend the Dalai Lama to our country several times.
The last visit took place exactly a week before Mr Havel passed away...)

he always advocated high morals and never failed to lead by example.
his motto was "truth and love must prevail over lies and hate"
a rare one, in these times.
needless to say, it appealed to many and hopefully it won't be easily forgotten.

May he rest in peace. <3