Greetings, and thank you for visiting my online educator portfolio!  By way of introduction, my name is Brandon Zurvalec and I am a licensed Illinois educator in secondary social science with endorsements in history, psychology and political science (i.e. I am licensed to teach all standard level social studies courses as well as advanced courses in the latter three subject areas).  To give a little background about myself, I actually began my career not as a teacher but rather, as an attorney.  Among other things, in this capacity, I ran my own law firm in Philadelphia, PA for approximately three and a half years.  And without question, my legal career did yield a number of rewards that often brought tremendous satisfaction to the workday.  Among other things, it presented unending challenges from one day to the next as well as genuine opportunities to assist people in need.  The problem, though, was that as much as I didn't want to admit this, I just never had the passion for practicing law that I need in order to be fulfilled in my work.  This, I would later realize, was because working as an attorney in a traditional sense is simply not my professional purpose in life.  But upon reaching this conclusion, I began weighing possible alternative career options in search of the one offering the best fit.  And after contemplating the matter for approximately two months, I concluded that my place was in the classroom as a high school social studies teacher! 

          In terms of why I ultimately decided to become a high school social studies teacher, it really came down to two things: a passion for the content area and, even more importantly, a passion for working with students within the high school age range.  Regarding the first point, I have, throughout my adulthood, always been intrigued by the various subjects falling within "social studies."  This includes not only my endorsement areas mentioned above, but also geography, economics and, as you might have guessed, law/jurisprudence.  Regarding the second point, I am particularly interested in working with students within the high school age range because of where they are in terms of cognitive development.  As a group, after all, these students are at the first stages in which critical thinking skills begin to arise and for my part, I am simply exhilarated at the thought of helping them progress, in this respect. 


          So with the foregoing as a backdrop, I am currently seeking a permanent high school social studies teaching position.  All told, I do believe I have a lot to offer in the classroom and that I would be an immediate asset to any school/district that chooses to bring me on board.  Accordingly, if your school/district is currently seeking a passionate, hard-working, student learning-oriented high school social studies teacher, I invite you to continue exploring my portfolio to learn more about my qualifications and background.  And if you do conclude, at any point, that I might be a good fit for your school/district, feel free to contact me anytime (see résumé) so we can discuss.  With that said, I thank you again for visiting my online educator portfolio and look forward to hearing from you soon!     




Brandon Zurvalec