About Me

Trevor R. Zuroff

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow
John D. and Jeanette McWhirter Graduate Fellow 
Chemical Engineering 
The Pennsylvania State University

I recently completed my PhD at The Pennsylvania State University in Chemical Engineering with Dr. Wayne R. Curtis and in collaboration with Dr. Thomas K. Wood. My thesis focused on engineering synthetic microbial consortia for the conversion of lignocellulose to biofuels. We developed a novel consortium controlled by environmental manipulation which cooperatively degraded lignocellulose, converting the resultant soluble carbohydrates to fuels. In addition, we studied biofilm formation behavior and how symbiotic interactions regulate these processes. 

I received my B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman, MT in May 2010. During my undergraduate career I did research in the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department as well as the Center for Biofilm Engineering under the supervision of Dr. Ross P. Carlson.

See the most recent news about my work here including a recently accepted publication, award for an oral presentation and second place poster presentation award.