Our mission is to raise awareness of the benefits of Zurkhaneh Sports training and exercises as an alternative to 'traditional – go to the gym' strength and fitness training on a global scale.

We aim to add value to peoples lives across the globe by inspiring them to take an active yet fun approach to their health and well-being by taking advantage of the ancient wisdom of this traditional and arguably the first most comprehensive training and wellness program that have withstood the test of time for the last couple of millenniums.

Ultimately we hope to build the first traditional Zurkhaneh in the southern hemisphere. A center and a place for love of life, righteousness of action, health, youth and chivalry. 


Zurkhaneh exercises are a more functional and holistic approach to keeping the body fit and healthy.

It is based on natural, fluid and compound movement patterns that help in developing core strength with the endurance to perform more real life movements keeping the limbs, joints and muscles not only strong; but flexible, resilient and agile.

In everyday life you seldom isolate a muscle to perform a movement. Movements are performed by combining multiple muscles in a compound way; utilizing large muscle groups for strength, and stabilizer muscle groups for balance and coordination. It is this theory that is at the heart of the movement patterns in Zurkhaneh  exercises.

Through this site and the posts that will follow here and on YouTube I will demonstrate to you various ways to optimize your physical instrument, so you can reap the benefits of a stronger, more robust and functional body, so that life becomes even more enjoyable.

The Zurkhaneh exercises can be done at home, in a park or at your gym. Exercises can be done individually or in a group (always more fun) and you don't need to spend thousands on expensive equipment or gym memberships.

I will show you how to DIY and always improve your fitness level. It doesn't make a difference what fitness level you have, I will show you how to train to reach your maximum potential and have fun while training. I will share with you one of the most ancient approaches to strength and wellness. Exercises that are timeless and equally applicable today, as they were thousands of years ago. I will teach you how to train like a warrior and to be ready for anything. 


The Zurkhaneh training programs comprise of body weight and weight resistance training as well as stretching, flexibility, conditioning and cardiovascular exercises. The good news is that you don't have to spend hours in the gym or use several different equipments to do all this. All muscle groups are pushed to the limit in a 30min-1hr session.

The training program consists of:

  • Strength training with body weight and Meel (Club-bells)
  • Flexibility and stretching
  • Aerobic cardio exercises

All you will need is your body, some space and a pair of Meel (Club-bells).