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Embracing the ultra locally-grown, organic food movement, we invite our members to be involved in some/all parts of the production of the food that eventually makes it to your table.

Instead of picking up your pre-packaged food at the store, our members grow all of the produce in our gardens which are located behind 4023 Zuni .  Tour the gardens with your family while clipping the kale you will saute for dinner or pinching off the basil that will go in your pesto that weekend.  Don't know a turnip from a radish?  Don't worry, gardeners on hand will lead you through the grounds and show you what is available and how best to harvest it.

We have different membership levels to fit singles, families, those with more time than money, and vice-versa.  Check out our About and Membership pages for more information.

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  • Recycling Machines! On Saturday we visited our friend Mary and purchased a load of her superb, organic manure!  Well....it isn't hers really.  It comes from her beloved rescues.  The Dali Lamba and her goat friends recycle their organic diet into a wonderful blend of sheep, goat, horse, rabbit and chicken manure that Mary has to offer to gardeners for a very reasonable fee.  This magic mix is the secret to amazing yields that Zuni Gardens has produced the last few years.  Why would we use anything else?!Want great garden production this year?  Click here to buy it by the truck load!  Truckload of Organic Compost
    Posted Apr 2, 2012, 6:24 PM by Brenda Whetstone
  • Garden Springing Forth If these cucumbers produce at the same rate that they have grown since planted on Saturday (yep...4 days ago!) we're in for a good haul!  I love watching the little sprouts make their first appearance. These Straight Eight slicing cucumbers have burst forth, however.  No shy first appearance here - these puppies have proclaimed to the world they are ready to take it on.  Proclaim thy glory!
    Posted Apr 2, 2012, 6:25 PM by Brenda Whetstone
  • 2012 Shares Sold Out! We are so excited by the desire to share in the Zuni Garden community and bounty share!  Our paid and working shares are already filled for this year.  We would love to have you join us in the garden as a volunteer or take in a movie amidst the garden goodness.  Contact us to get signed up as a volunteer and keep watching our blog for notices about movie night or other garden-related activities!
    Posted Mar 3, 2012, 4:16 PM by Brenda Whetstone
  • 2012 Season Gearing Up Work has begun on Zuni Gardens for this year!  We just had our first organizational meeting to get acquainted and decide what we'll be growing this year and are looking forward to another year of bountiful harvest! 
    Posted Mar 3, 2012, 11:41 AM by Brenda Whetstone
  • Recipe from Our Garden Gnome, Aurora Many of you weren't sure what to do with all the kolrahbi (sp). Some of you asked what to do with the mountains of tomatoes. There's great recipes for soups, salsas, pizza sauces and salads for these to make your food work for you. Here's my submission today:Easy caprese salad:3 ripe tomatoes1 medium ball fresh mozzarella 1/2 oz fresh basil1 T extra virgin olive oil 1 T balsamic vinegarSea salt and pepper to tasteSlice tomatoes and cheese into thin slices and arrange on a plate, alternating slices and arranging in a circular pattern. Finely slice basil into thin strips by stacking the leaves, rolling into a tube shape and slicing ...
    Posted Oct 4, 2011, 1:03 PM by Melanie Brooks
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