With so many singles and albums to his name over a three decade career, it is almost impossible to pin down a perfect discography for Yellowman, especially given the fact that the Jamaican music industry is not known for its meticulous record keeping activities. After scouring books and websites I believe that this is the most comprehensive and accurate Yellowman discography available, though it is by no means complete. Several of his albums have been released under more than one name (for instance, Shanachie and Greensleeves released the same albums in the US and UK, but sometimes with different names, covers and even track listings) and almost half of what is listed below are best of style compilations. Some, such as the Charley Records release called "Just Cool " (2004), are especially confusing because it not only borrows the name of a 1982 studio album but often has changed song titles, giving the impression that these are new tracks.

Besides what is listed here there are also hundreds of singles, some of which never made it onto a full length LP, several live sound system records, bootlegs and many multi artist compilations that feature Yellowman. Yellowman has also collaborated with numerous artists, such as Run DMC, Afrika Bambaata and many other Jamaican reggae artists. And if that wasn't enough, reggae artists often record special exclusive tracks for sound systems to be played at dances. Yellowman's exclusives could number in the hundreds.

One last note about Yellowman's discography. As is true for many Jamaican musicians, Yellowman received very little money for many of these records. His income was predominantly from live shows and touring though some record companies, such as Greensleeves, VP and Columbia, have provided royalties.

Please comment below if you find discrepancies or omissions.  I've started to compile a list of singles that have not been released on LP here: Singles   And here is a list of Yellowman's collaborations 

Yellowman Discography

2009?: Living Legend  (produced by Junior Toots)

2007: Most Wanted (Greensleeves) compilation

2005: This Is Crucial Reggae: Yellowman (RAS) compilation

            Yellowman Vs Ninjaman: Round 1 (Rhythm Club) *same material as Meets the  Paragons and Dancehall Classics

2004: Best of Live in Paris (Delicious Vinyl, Hong Kong)

           Yellow Fever – A history of Dancehall’s original ruler (Sanctuary/Trojan) compilation

           Just Cool (Charly): Compilation of material from Fantastic Yellowman, Blueberry Hill

            Reggae Best (Culture Press) compilation with some of Fantastic Yellowman

2003: New York (RAS/Sanctuary)

2002: Live in San Francisco (2B1) (CD and DVD)

        Yellow Gold (Artists Only) : Comp. of Black Scorpio material

        Murderah Style (Burning Bush/Fuel): Compilation of early-mid 80s material including Rambo album

2001: Reggae Anthology: Look How Me Sexy (VP) : Compilation

1999: Yellow Fever (Artists Only) Produced: King Jammy

        Chronic (reissue of Divorced and Zung)

      Just Cool (Culture Press) 2 cd Compilation of Fantastic Yellowman and Saturday night

        1998: Live at Maritime Hall (Artists Only) (same as Live in San Francisco)

          Morning Ride (Nyam Up): Compilation

         A Very, Very Yellow Christmas (RAS) Producer: Doctor Dread

         Best of Yellowman (Celluloid): Comp of Pow Wow, Mi Hot and Reggae on Top

1997: Freedom Of Speech (RAS)

  Strikes Again (VP or Nyam Up) Producer: Roy Francis

  Ras Portraits (RAS)

           Ram Dance Master (Nyam Up) Comp of Junjo material

           Love & Classic Tracks (M.I.L Multimedia) (this is same as Rambo)

1996: Yellowman Meets the Paragons (House of Reggae) *Same as Dancehall Classics on Rhythm Club and the Yellowman material          on Yellowman vs Ninjaman

1995: Kiss Me (Riddim)

        Message To The World (RAS)

        Yellowman's Good Sex Guide (Greensleeves) Producer: Jack Scorpio

1994: Monkey Time (ITM)

            Reggae Get the Grammy (ITM) compilation

            Prayer (RAS) Producer: Simeon Stewart

            Saturday Night (Lagoon) (*compilation with alternate track names)

1993: Monkey Time (date correct ?)

            Mello Yellow (VP) compilation

            Fantastic Yellowman (Lagoon)

                    A Man You Want (Shanachie) producer: Black Scorpio

                    Reggae on Top (Pow Wow)

                    In Bed With Yellowman (Greensleeves) Producers: Henry Lawes

1992: Reggae on the Move (RAS) Producer: Doctor Dread

            Total Recall, Vol. 3 (VP) Compilation record of Junjo material

1991: Party (RAS) Produced by: Doctor Dread

          Live in England (Sonic Sounds) Recorded at Picket’s Lock Arena, London

           Mi Hot (Pow Wow)

1990: Life in the Ghetto (Tassa) (same as Jack Sprat, released 1982)

1989: King of the Dancehall (Rohit) (compilation)

1988: Reggae Calypso Encounter (Rohit) (clash album with General Trees) Produced by Black Scorpio

            Yellowman Rides Again (RAS)

            Sings the Blues (Rohit)

1987: The Negril Chill Challenge (live) (ROIR ) also on (Relativity) (With Charlie Chaplin) *** released as Slackness Vs. Pure Culture

          Don’t Burn it Down (Shanachie)  Produced by: Black Scorpio

          Blueberry Hill (Greensleeves) Producers: B. Dixon & L. Sterling

         Yellow Like Cheese (RAS) Produced by: Phillip Burrell

        Date? Kangal Presents Tiger Meets Yellowman (Kangal) Producer: Burtland Dixon

1986: Going to the Chapel (Shanachie / Greensleeves) Producer : (Black Scorpio)

        Rambo (Moving Target) Producer: Sly and Robbie Also released as Stone Wall Rambo on Jamaican Vibes in 1998;             Love & Classic Tracks   (M.I.L Multimedia 1997);  Girls Them Pet on Taxi

1985: Galong Galong Galong (Greensleeves) Producer: George Phang

            Walking Jewellery Store (Power House) Producer: George Phang

            Yellowman meets Charlie Chaplin (Powerhouse) Producer: George Phang (correct date?)

1984: King Yellowman (CBS/Columbia) Produced: Jimmy Wynter

            A Feast Of Yellow Dub  (RAS) Produced by: Doctor Dread

            One in a Million (Joe Gibbs / Shanachie in 1991) same as  Badness

           Operation Radication (Top 1000) similar material to One in a Million

                   Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt (Shanachie / Greensleeves) Producers: Henry Junjo Lawes

            Two Giants Clash (Greensleeves) (with Josey Wales) Producer: Henry Junjo Lawes

            Showdown Vol 5 with Fathead and Purpleman (Hitbound) Producer : Joseph Hoo Kim Kenneth Hoo Kim

1983: YELLOWMAN meets JOSEY WALES (Arrival) Producer: Junjo.

                    Zungguzungguguzungguzeng (Shanachie or Greensleeves) Producers: Henry Junjo Lawes

            Live at Killamanjaro (Hawkeye and Music Works in 1984)

            Live in London (Thunder Bolt) Also released as Live in England (Sonic Sounds)

            Live and Direct (Presenting a Live Session with Aces International Vol 2) (Intense)  

            Confessions (Vista) *listed as Yellowman on cover but is Purpleman singing

            Live At Ranny Williams Entertainment Center (Roots Rockers) (Yellowman & Lord Sassafrass & Peter Metro)

1982: Yellowman, Fathead and the One Peter Metro (Abissa Records)

        King Mellow Yellow Meets Yellowman (Jamrock) Producer: Tony Robinson

        Jack Sprat (aka Life in the Ghetto) (GG’s) Reissued 1991 on Takoma

        Just Cool (Jah Guidance) Produced: Junjo

        Bad Boy Skanking (Shanachie or Greensleeves) Producers: Henry Junjo Lawes

        Live at Reggae Sunsplash (Genes)

        Live at Aces: Feeing in the Dancehall (VP and Jah Guidance) Producer : Lloyd Campbell

        Junjo Presents a Live Session with Aces International (Greensleeves)

        Divorced! (For Your Eyes Only) (Burning Sounds)  Producers: Henry Junjo Lawes

        One Yellowman and Fathead (Hitbound/ Channel One)Producer : Joseph Hoo Kim

        Mister Yellowman (Shanachie or Greensleeves) Producers: Henry Junjo Lawes (also  released as Duppy or                       Gunman (VP) and Hotter Reggae (Jam Rock I think))

        Superstar Yellowman has arrived with Toyan (Joe Gibbs) Producer : Joe Gibbs & Errol Thompson & Ruddy Thomas

        Supermix (Volcano) *Almost Same tracks as Bad Boy Skanking Producers: Henry Junjo  Lawes

        The Yellow, The Purple & The Nancy (Greensleeves) Producer: Henry Junjo Lawes


1981: Them Mad Over Me (Hitbound or J&L) Mixed by Scientist