Displays lyrics for the current song (Zune, Zune HD, PC, Xbox)

By Jean-François Pérusse
Screenshots (Zune HD, Zune)


  • Uses the lrc file format (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LRC_(file_format)).
  • Displays lyrics if an lrc filename is found containing the artist and song names.
  • Lyrics scroll automatically in sync with the music playing.
  • Similar interface as the regular Zune music player:
    • Actual album art display.
    • Current time and time left.
    • Song title and artist.
    • Battery charge indicator.
    • Play/Pause indicator and control.
    • Volume control by sliding up or down.
    • Previous/Next song using left and right.
  • On the Zune SD, press up on the pad to show a guide to control the device volume, select a playlist, etc.
Latest Updates

v.1.8 (March 1st, 2010)
  • Misc changes related to special characters.
  • CleanupFilenames will now trim the filenames to maximum 40 characters.
  • The "[ti:" and "[ar:" lines are now used instead of the filename whenever available in lrc files.
  • Added scrolling song title when it is too long.
  • Removed the Guide.Show() method on the Zune HD since it's not necessary.
  • Random mode will now stop when a playlist is selected from the Guide.

v.1.7 (March 1st, 2010)
  • Added ability to show the "Guide" which allows controlling the device volume. (SD : Press up on the pad, HD : Touch the bottom of the screen)
  • Fixed problem where left/right would play random songs when paused, even with a playlist.
  • Added DefaultCharacter ('?') to the font to prevent further issues with unsupported characters.

v.1.6 (February 20th, 2010)
  • Added a new project and executable that is used by Package.bat to replace invalid characters before packaging.

v.1.5 (February 20th, 2010)
  • Fixed a bug introduced in the previous version where pressing next on a paused song (at the beginning of the song) would enter random mode, even if a list of songs was currently playing.

v.1.4 (February 16th, 2010)
  • Fixed problem with random mode allowing the same song to be chosen.
  • New random mode. "Right" for any song, "Left" for a song with lyrics.
  • Released source files to allow compiling the PC and Xbox versions.

v.1.3 (February 13th, 2010)
  • Added a deadzone for the volume control so that volume is not affected when changing song.
  • If only one song is in the queue, next/previous will choose random songs.
  • Pressing left after 1.5 seconds restarts the song instead of going to the previous one.
  • Workaround for bug with "MoveNext()" while Paused causing the song to unload.
  • Added touch buttons for the ZuneHD (previous song, pause, play, next song).
  • Added touch slide to control volume on the Zune HD.
  • Added album name display for the Zune HD.

v.1.2 (February 10th, 2010)
  • Made positions relative to the screen size in order to support the Zune HD in a future version.
  • Modified the random song algorithm, simply choose a random song from the complete list.
  • Album art will now always stretch/fit in the square region at the top of the screen.

v.1.1 (February 9th, 2010)
  • New font (ChunkFive). However this font does not support accents.
  • Added random song mode when no song is playing after launching the application.
  • Moved timings so that they never go outside of the screen.
  • Volume control is now in percent for smoother control.
  • Added missing Game Thumbnail file.

  • Before you can add songs to Zune Lyrics, make sure you install the following:
    1. If you don't have Visual Studio 2008, install Visual C# 2008 Express Edition.
    2. Install Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1.
    3. Install the Microsoft XNA Game Studio 3.1 Zune Extensions.


Adding Songs and Sending to your Zune

  1. Unzip the ZuneLyrics.zip file where you want.
  2. Add your lrc files to the "ZuneLyrics/Package/Content/Lyrics" folder (the folder already exists). Make sure that your lrc filenames contain the songs name and artist.
  3. Double-click "ZuneLyrics/Package.bat" file and make sure no error is displayed. This will create the "ZuneLyrics/ZuneLyrics.ccgame" file.
  4. Make sure your Zune is connected and that the Zune software is not running.
  5. Double-click "ZuneLyrics/Deploy.bat" to send the application and lyrics to your Zune.
  6. The application will automatically start after it is sent to your Zune.

Xbox and PC Versions (compile required)
  1. Add lrc files the the Lyrics folder (in your base folder). The lyrics files will be automatically copied to the Content/Lyrics folder after compiling in C# Express.
  2. To use the Xbox and PC version, you will need to download ZuneLyrics_SRC.zip and compile the source code using C# Express.
  3. Since the album art is not supported by the Xbox and PC versions of XNA, you can add your album art to the AlbumArt folder of the XboxContent project.


Where can I find lrc files?
  1. Google. There are few sites were you can download lrc files. (e.g. http://www.lyrdb.com/karaoke/index.htm, simply copy paste into an lrc file. The filename must contain the song's name and artist.)
  2. Another thing you can try is to search for the file content you are looking for. For example, if you're looking for "Apocalypse Now" by "Muse", you could search for "[ti:Apocalypse Now] [ar:Muse]".
  3. Finally, if you really can't find an lrc file for your song, there are multiple applications that will let you create your own files while listening to your music. (Very good program that works with Winamp: http://www.mycnknow.com/download/TUTORIAL/tutor.htm)

Future Versions
  • Not possible yet because of framework limitations:
    • Rewind/Fast Forward by holding left or right.
  • Don't know yet if this is possible:
    • Display the user's background image when the box art is not available.

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