Rental Fee Schedule

The State Theatre is a 270 seat facility with modern lighting and sound System. Click HERE for details. Our volunteer staff and Front of the House Manager will assist you and help with any accommodations you may need.

Prices are effective January 2016

Basic Rental includes:
The use of Public Spaces (Main Floor and stage area)
Basic House Lighting

 Renter Type Base Fee Per Ticket Theatre Sustainability Fee Deposit Cancellation Fee
 Non-Profit (503B) $100  $50- Due within 30 days of contract signed $50 Penalty for cancellation less than 6 weeks prior to event
 For Profit $200 $2.00
Due within 30 days of contract signed
  $100 Penalty for cancellation less than 6 weeks prior to event


Extreme or Bad Weather/ Disaster: Fee will be waived at the discretion of the Theatre Management Committee.
Additional Fees

* All rentals require cleaning Fee

 Service Fee
 Cleaning $50
 Sound Technician $100
 Lighting Technician $100
 Sound and Light Combo $150
Projector/ Movie Technician $75
Grand Piano $100
 Upright Piano $50
 Vacate Extension $100/hr

Renters are required to vacate within one hour after the show has completed. An additional $100/hour will be charged any time after this.
Renters are asked to confirm a set-up time prior to the concert/venue.
If you have an event that does not fit this model, please contact us to negotiate your special requirements.

Scheduled events will appear on our webpage in chronological order, on our Facebook page and in our email updates, unless a request is made not to include these communications.

All Concessions are operated by The State Theatre. Beer and wine will be served at most events.

Reservations will be confirmed upon return of signed contract and deposit.

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