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            7/27/08  -  Michael S. Kimmel  -  The Gendered Society p. 25-35   


        7/20/08  -  Doreen Kimura  -  Sex Differences in the Brain (1999)


                              7/13/08  -  Womanhood, Defiance, and Reform: Women's Rehabilitation in Prison


              7/6/08  -  Steven E Rhoads  -  Sports, Sex, and Title IX (conservative)


6/29/08  -  The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior      


6/21/08  -  Religious Fundamentalism and Gender Politics   


6/15/08  -  Conversation of Consent                                  

Language of Rape (supplemental)  


6/8/08  -  How Rape is Encouraged in American Boys        


6/1/08  -  Beauty is the Beast                                           

Killing Us Softly  (video link)              


5/18/08  -  Rape Culture Intro                                             

Michael S. Kimmel - Rape Culture     


5/11/08  -  Maternal Rights - Lynne Ford                             

 Criminalizing Womens Behavior         


4/27/08  -  Institute for Women's Policy Research Fact Sheet   

                 Norway's progressive policy on paternity leave    


 4/20/08  -  Kathryn Edin - Few Good Men                              

       Hochschild - The Second Shift (chapter 4)


4/13/08  -  Marriage, Poverty, and Public Policy                   

                Vulnerability by Marriage - Susan Moller Okin   

                    (supplemental: Wives in the Ancient World)            


    4/6/08  -  A History of Feminist Movements - Amy Kesselman

Blame It on Feminism - Susan Faludi

                       ("failure-of-feminism" editorial companion to Faludi)


                                  3/30/08 -  Sexual Politics of Meat by: Carol J. Adams                                          

                                        Please, please, your driving me wild - Falling in love with food 


3/16/08 -  Social Construction of Gender by Judith Lorber

                               Michael S. Kimmel  -  The Gendered Society p. 25-35  


3/9/08 - Reflections on "Male Bashing"  by: Sue L Cataldi

           The Myth of Progress  by: Richard Goldstein