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Creative Empowerment

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by @ZumaDogg

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BEST INTRO TO NLP: You have enjoyed  the creative rants/expressions of Zuma Dogg for many years, now on TV/Radio/Blogs. I URGE YOU TO WATCH  THESE VIDEOS, TODAY, to unleash the best in you, whatever you want that to be: NLP/Richard Bandler new video series,  (Click link.).

Click here for FREE PDF of, "Intro to NLP" by Richard Bandler's marketers. Background on Bandler and good first read on NLP.


HERE is a passage on "Creative Empowerment," from a holistic approach. This sets up "YouTube Show" in right column.

My range of material on this blog has included "Marketing Strategy Warfare," "Quality & Productivity," and L.A. City Hall "investigative/exposure" posts.

Remember, I said since day one of entering City Hall council chambers, ZD is a product of "collective consciousness of the city." I was already called, "L.A. cable icon, underground superstar," by L.A Weekly BEFORE my first public comment, from "The Zuma Dogg Show," on L.A./Ventura cable, since 2000.

I mention this, because when you blast yourself on TV, into a million plus homes, YOU FEEL THE QUANTUM ENERGY/KARMA/COLLECTIVE CONCIOUSNESS/whatever you call it.

And many have questioned and wondered aloud (like Councilman Richard Alarcon) HOW ZD comes up with his stuff, off the cuff. And Rosendahl calls ZD, "a prophet" as does Mayor Sam (Michael Higby.) And this is not a ZD press release, but have been trying to tell you/give away the secret sauce.

I DID attend HUNDREDS of hours of time in seminar rooms with Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deming, Tony Robbins, M. Scott Peck, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Richard Bandler (NLP Co-Creator); among lesser knowns. (Yes, I mean audio tapes and videos -- but, also IN THE ROOM with these folks, where I asked questions and spent YEARS, taking this stuff in; instead of watching football or network TV.

SO BOTTOM LINE: If you are a political activist; local business operator up against the corporate guy; or someone whoever is reading this blog, cause you obviously have been following ZD, at some level, over past few years:

THIS ARTICLE SEEMS INNOCUOUS, but it really does summarize the common thread of all of the authors mentioned above, all of whom inspired -- and even unknowingly and unwittingly CREATED/UNLEASHED "Zuma Dogg." (Cause that guy Dave was/is a REAL wallflower.)

AND IT'S A FREE READ, so I don't mind saying, "I can 100% guarantee, you will have creative breakthroughs, at various levels -- and many things will come to top of mind, as you read and listen to companion ("YouTube Show" in upper right column). HAVE FUN -- AND GET READY FOR WHAT WILL ENSUE FOR YOU!

EMPOWERMENT 101 (Part 1): If you are trying to create any kind of change or achieve any personal goal, the first thing you need to do is have your conscious mind aligned with your subconscious mind. Kinda of like a race car needs an alignment before hitting the race track. Not only does the following passage explain the process, but does the alignment, as you read. This one passage alone, will cause you to have an immediate breakthrough as you read along. And you will notice the difference as you go about your day, from here on in:

Everything you experience (sight, sound, smell, taste and feeling) is recorded in your mind's subconscious (permanent memory bank).

It works just like a video camera, recording everything you experience through our senses onto tape (your subconscious).

Although you may not be able to consciously remember every bit of information recorded by your memory, your subconscious does. and makes constant reference to it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, behind your conscious' back/

Even while you sleep, the dreams you have at night are merely your subconscious mind in action, "out to play" while your conscious mind rests "off duty".

It is the subconscious mind that is actually responsible for our feelings behaviors and actions and your subconscious controls the thoughts and decisions that shape your life.

Your subconscious is an instinctive mechanism, responsible for allowing your instinctive wisdom and knowledge to flow freely.

If your subconscious could flow freely through you, all the time, without distraction, your mind and body would be in a constant state of congruence and your actions would always support your emotional needs and desires.

Your conscious mind is the gatekeeper of your mind, and attempts to screen what goes in and out as a shortcut to help speed up your thinking and decision making process.

You see, you couldn’t possibly pay attention to every detail of information you have every taken in, so your conscious mind uses its best judgment and decides what you should focus your thoughts and attention on at any given moment.

As a result, your conscious mind "filters" your experience of he world (what you sense) and can leave out vital information or distort your perception of reality. Your conscious mind is only there to protect you and always has your emotional best interest in mind.

But since it filters and distorts information, sometimes it is in conflict with your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is actually the bottom line, final decision maker and is always your highest level of awareness.

The key to accessing your higher levels of awareness, allowing us to function at out peak, is to have the conscious in congruence with the subconscious.

This state of congruence is achieved by replacing "negative", "uninspiring" thoughts, beliefs and behaviors – with new, empowering thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that triggers your higher level of creative and innovative state.

Now, listen to "CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT" Radio Show (Audio) on YouTube.

Zuma Dogg [June 2012]
WELCOME TO "CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT" MATERIAL: As I look at this new website, created to give "front page headline" style scan of Zuma Dogg content, of the day; I wondered what people checking in for the first time would think: "WHAT is "Zuma Dogg? WHO is he? WHAT does he do?" Looking at the content, posted in it's form, today; I guess "Zuma Dogg" is L.A.'s street "talk show host." Known as a comedy/reality cable TV personality; turned L.A. City political activist; while always trying to tell you about (applying as a gadfly) my first passion, "Quality Management/Marketing Strategy/Management Psychology" material from my radio executive days -- when you look at it all, it's basically a "street" talk show, using various public media outlets -- combined on this page  -- to be the radio station website.

The goal is create an atmosphere and environment to keep you in a creative state, allowing your highest levels of creativity to be on, all the time; enhancing the quality of your day and unleash your best efforts. (NLP/"Creative Empowerment" talk for, "entertainment.") Your  entertainment environment is created by what you experience, each day. And that means what you watch on TV, and where you are focusing your social media attention. If you allow the commercial media to do that, for you ( lettin' your mind blow in the wind, whichever direction the commercial or pop up drags you), it conditions/changes your emotions and how you feel. I can't allow myself to do that.

The content posted at http://iRadioLIVE.com/ is stuff to literally create neurological (biochemical) reactions; to create the feelings you are trying to create, all the time, anyway. (More NLP talk. LOL.  Example: When you feel "good," after leaving a funny movie.

The "Creative Empowerment" (toward conditioning of your creative mind/spirit) is in
the form of Zuma Dogg entertainment, so you won't even feel a thing. But, you may notice an enhanced level of enlightenment, creative flow; with lots of ideas flourishing in your mind, suddenly; and maybe even feel inspired, dare I say, uplifted, in a way that causes you to create and do some things that impress and surprise the HECK out of yourself. WE NEED MORE YOU, doing what you KNOW you are good at and should be focusing on, doing more -- and it starts by not watching TV and mindlessly wandering all over facebook and anywhere, whatever happens to pop up, in front of you, happens to re-direct your attention to, until your whole day passes, and you didn't do a THING to leave a legacy or contribute to society.

MAKE A DIFFERENCE, TODAY. We need EVERYONE on ALL CYLINDERS , out there, in 2013. "Creative Empowerment!"

Enjoy the show.  iRadioLIVE.com


 "Quality & Productivity"Zuma Dogg on Talk Radio Show, discussing L.A. City's NEED for "Q&P" with L.A. City examples. GOOD SHOW! ALSO: "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" ["Well done." - Deming. "Fabulous" - Tony Robbins. "Enjoyed it much." - Bob Pittman]

"Marketing Warfare" : ZD applies "Art of War" (based on Ries & Trout's application of Sun-Tzu to business/marketing world)  w ZD's radio industry examples.

NLP-Richard Bandler:
NLP/Richard Bandler new video series,  (Click link.). Also: BBC Radio Interview [Regarded among most influential minds of our time. Co-creator of "Zuma Dogg," you could say. Doubt you'd know ME, if I didn't know HIM.]

Tony Robbins - "TED" Speech (24 mins - LIVE) [Tony's program based on/IS NLP, under Tony's name NAC. Tony is AMAZING presenter/practitioner of the material, and THIS is one of his most listened to speeches, with 5 million+ listens on original upload. Never would've know  ZD if I didn't know him, either. Tony also a Deming fan, I noticed, quite directly, in his infomercial -- is what first caught my attention, and the rest is ZD "Unleash The Performer/Gadfly Within," history. (BLAME HIM, to LARGE EXTENT!) And, FYI: When you read "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" on this site (the foundation), Tony read it, and sent a letter back calling it, "fabulous," and invited me to his seminar, F-R-E-E! I talk about the "Firewalk," in the "Creative Empowement" (NLP) radio show in YouTube video, on this site (see top links).]


When I offer my time, to help you learn NLP, it is not ZD giving you ADVICE, or telling you what you should do. I think you already know what you want/need to do with your time. NLP helps you toward all goals. And it's just the "art" of words/communication, basically. No biggie.

I can share the material I have amassed, since the 80's, through today; and answer questions, and MAKE SURE YOU "GET IT," and notice an enjoyable, blissful breakthrough, in the areas you are trying to flourish, in your life/world. Tweet @ZumaDogg or email ZumaDogg@Gmail.com.

This can all be done on the phone (ZD on digital voice connection/studio quality call, or video chat. Then follow up emails with new stuff, and you can email me with follow up questions. )

This is all a WHOLE lot of fun, but fulfilling/not a waste of time, when you are done with the entertainment, which is what all of this is, to me. Cause REALLY, EVERYTHING you choose to experience, even if you are seeking out Albert Einstein knowledge, is because you ENJOY it/makes you FEEL GOOD/HAPPY and ENTERTAINS you. Try THIS brand of entertainment. NLP.

Richard Bandler is the Walt Disney, of it all. I'm here to help follow up on his videos, for you. NLPLifeTraining tweets with info on their UK training and products at bottom of page.

AND, excuse my over-the-top flaunting of some of the "quotes"/feedback/results I've produced with NLP. I'm trying to give you confidence in the material, and in ZD, as presenter.

It's not about ZD being "better" than you. It's about ZD serving you like a massage therapist or gym trainer. THOSE people aren't better than you. But you do those things, to enhance the quality of your life.

I feel NLP is the BIGGEST life-enhancer/the answer; so I want you to read and listen in confidence. When a movie or book gets good reviews/quotes, they take out billboards and TV commercials to let you see them.

And, I'm trying to brand my identity as world-class trainer, under the name, "Zuma Dogg -- OVER-THE-TOP comedic/music entertainer, by trade. LOL!

"CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT" [Radio Show (Audio) on YouTube]: @ZumaDogg does NLP session (ON YOU), while discussing L.A. City News --  causing you to need NLP to manage your outrage/emotions. LOL! If I'm good at "synthesizing" material, as presenter; THIS IS IT. KEEP LISTENING. You will have MEGA-CREATIVE EXPLOSION!!!

"Creative Empowerment Radio - Show 1" 

"Creative Empowerment Radio - Show 2"
(on a dreamy John Mayer music beat): NLP session on a song!

"Creative Empowerment Radio - Show 3"
(also on dreamy music beat). Short little "warm-up," BUT, listen, cause each show is "working" to auto-unleash your creative best. #RealTalk  #You'llSee

"CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT TV" - "Introduction to Dr. Deming's 14 Points (REAL Quality & Productivity): Watch in (semi)confidence. REACTION TO @ZUMADOGG's "Interpreting Deming's 14 Points" (as seen in this video): "Well done." - Dr. Deming. "Fabulous" - Tony Robbins. "I enjoyed it, very much." - Bob Pittman (Clear Channel/CEO)

Zuma Dogg on KNBC 4 News: 15 Minute "free-for-all" EXPOSING L.A. City Hall fraud, waste & abuse=top to bottom. ("Behind-Scenes" ZumaCAM!)

Zuma Dogg Talks L.A. City Hall (Budget/Fraud/Waste/Abuse/City Issues) on KABC Radio w Peter Tilden

Zuma Dogg Explains Fraud, Waste & Abuse Issues at L.A. City Hall on Fox 11 NEWS.

NLP co-FOUNDER Richard Bandler on "PUBLIC SPEAKING": L.A. NEEDS more public speakers at L.A. City Clouncil meetings, and Bandler says "Public Speaking" is Public Phobia #1, MUCH MORE THAN FEAR OF SNAKES!!! (I think NLP got ZD over "fear of public speaking?") Check this out. WHOLE SERIES:
NLP/Richard Bandler new video series=All videos  (Click link.).

QUALITY & PRODUCTIVITY SEMINAR - LIVE: Zuma Dogg presents  "Introduction to Deming's 14 Points," at L.A. City forum.

"Intro To Creative Empowerment - Street Show": THIS looks so nutty, but I do my BEST RANTING, when I'm walkin' down the street. After the 7 minute "intro/warm-up" -- ZD goes into REAL "Creative Empowerment" RANT, where you hear what REAL "Quality & Productivity," "Marketing Warfare," "Customer Service," "How to Operate A Joyful/Efficient Work Environment," "Job of Management," talk sounds like. And it ain't complicated. It's just plain, old,  "common sense." But the program maps/blueprints/documents ALL the common sense, per Deming's 14 Points, and the other authors mentioned. "MUST SEE," in THIS nutty presentation, that DOES get a lot out, quickly.

Zuma Dogg Resume:

* L.A. City News/Publisher

L.A. City Investigative Blogger/Media Personality/"Gadfly

* "Zuma Dogg Show", Producer/Host

* Billboard Hot 100 Chart Director

* Z-100/NY, Asst Program Director/Research Director

* BDS/NY (Broadcast Data Systems), Director of Radio

Top 40 Radio Music Director/Operation Director/Program Director/Asst. PD/Research Director, Across U.S. (Top 10 Markets)


"'Interpreting Deming's 14 Points' is well done." - Dr. W. Edwards Deming.

"Your synthesis of 'Deming's 14 Points' is fabulous." - Tony Robbins

"I enjoyed, much, your article. I took your 'Quality Quiz.' Who's going to grade me?" - Bob Pittman (CEO/Clear Channel)

"You took our concepts and extended them in ways, I thought were very interesting." - Al Ries (Author, "Marketing Warfare," "22 Immutable Laws of Marketing," "Positioning," "Focus," etc. AL IS FIRST INFLUENCE AND TIED FOR BIGGEST INFLUENCE, STILL!)

"Local Legend." - KABC Radio

"Heroic" - KRLA Radio

"Brain-seizing artistry. An L.A. cable TV  icon." - LA Weekly

"CREATIVE EMPOWERMENT" - CUSTOM SESSIONS:  The content on this site (radio shows/videos/articles) IS the NLP session, for you; and is doing the "work," within the content, throughout. But, if you have specific questions; wanna practice these concepts, with me; discuss specific applications in your personal or professional life; and have questions about any of this stuff, we can have a custom session, on phone (ZD online voice phone, for clear/studio sound -- or video chat), for  $45/per half hour. [Half hour should be good first session; but an hour goes by quickly, too.] Order here on this PayPal link (can use credit card, even if no PayPal account), and I'll email and call you, today; and whip it all into shape, for you; and keep sending you links to videos and audio, I have found and like, most, myself. Can also talk about "social media" and get your FREE online office/media empire set up, for you, if you need/want that. [See "ZD's Social Media Tools," here: goo.gl/e0dO7 (Copy/Paste short URL and send to people who you know need "social media" help.]