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Wanted List

I just list these items I would like to have here for my own convenience, but if you have one of those, or know someone, please feel free to contact me.
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Name / TitleSystemComments
Name / TitleSystemComments
Multinorm-MOD Wondermega (Megadrive)  
RGB-Mod PC Engine on Interface Unit 
Twinkle Star Sprites Neo Geo MVS  
F-Zero AX Sega Triforce  
Mario Kart Arcade GP (1 & 2) Namco Triforce  
More Arcade Games JAMMA Arcade  
Nintendo M82 NES PAL or NTSC 
Battletoads JAMMA Arcade  
Super Donkey Kong & Bomberman Super Famicom Box PSS-64 
Satella View Modem Super Famicom Good Looking, not in working order 
More Games Modification Super Famicom Box  
Wrestling Angels - Double Impact PC Engine  
Core GrafX II PC Engine  
TurboGrafX CD PC Engine only the Disc Drive 
Super System Card TurboGrafX 16  
Darius Alpha PC Engine  
Konami GX Board JAMMA Arcade Salamander 2, Twin Bee Yahoo 
PI-AD18 PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 Adapter for LT 
Multimeter Tools  
Mouse Sharp X68000  
Kishin Doji Zenki: Vajura Fight PC-FX  
Blue Chicago Blues PC-FX FXNHE512 
Anime Freak FX Vol. 5 PC-FX FXNHE738 
Cocktail Pack PC-FX FXNKT702 
Showing 24 items