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Wanted List

I just list these items I would like to have here for my own convenience, but if you have one of those, or know someone, please feel free to contact me.
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Name / TitleSystemComments
Name / TitleSystemComments
Multinorm-MOD Wondermega (Megadrive)  
RGB-Mod PC Engine on Interface Unit 
Twinkle Star Sprites Neo Geo MVS  
Super Donkey Kong & Bomberman Super Famicom Box PSS-64 
More Games Modification Super Famicom Box  
Core GrafX II PC Engine  
TurboGrafX CD PC Engine only the Disc Drive 
Super System Card TurboGrafX 16  
Darius Alpha PC Engine  
PI-AD18 PC Engine Super CD-ROM2 Adapter for LT 
Multimeter Tools  
Mouse Sharp X68000  
Kishin Doji Zenki: Vajura Fight PC-FX  
Cocktail Pack PC-FX FXNKT702 
Aero Fighters II Neo Geo MVS  
Sim City 2000 MS DOS / Windows "CD Collection 
Doom Jaguar  
Tempest 2000 Jaguar  
Showing 18 items