Courtney and Frederick 

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The Look 

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How we met...

believe it or not, on  still waiting to be on a commercial though!

The Engagement

Frederick proposed on November 21, 2007.  It was his birthday and I was taking him out for a fancy dinner at Armani's overlooking Tampa Bay. Afterward we took a stroll through the mangroves to a little gazebo by the water.  He had called ahead to ensure it would be lit up.   He told me the year we had been together was perfect and he had everything he could ever want, but there was one last thing he wanted for his birthday and that was me.  I was so thrilled I forgot to say yes! 

Here is us minutes after the proposal

We learned that when you tell people at a restaurant you just got engaged they will give you champagne for free





My ring!

He got his mother's stone re-set into an antique-style band.  the wedding band will fit against it

 Our engagement announcement in the newspaper:

Published on 7/7/08


Then the planning begins!

 We settled on September 13, 2008 for one reason alone- there is no scheduled Gator Football that weekend!  I graduated from the University of Florida and I can't risk missing the game!  Go Gators!

double Tebow jerseys...he had to be like me