Shaoxuan Zhang's Professional Portfolio

Professional Interests 

  • Robotics, Vision and Autonomy.
  • Vision/Sensor-based 3D model retrieval.

Brief Biography

I was born and raised in Canton, a busy and flourishing city in south of China. After graduating from high school, I went to the northeast part of China to study at Jilin University. This is a place that very different from my hometown: a place of ruggedness and zeal. I received my bachelor degree there in 2003 and then came to United States for further study in Hawaii, a peacefully paradise very different from China.

I now have a master's degree in Information and Computer Science from University of Hawaii at Manoa. My professional interest lies in software development. I am always excited to experience new technologies and enjoy coding as a professional hobby.

Graduate Projects

Hackystat is an open source framework for collection, analysis, visualization, interpretation, annotation, and dissemination of software development process and product data. I co-lead the development of ProjectBrowser, a visualization browser into all kinds of analyses, based in Wicket framework. Additionally, I utilize these analyzes to build a new integration tool called Software ICU. It adopts the metaphor of the medical ICU and provides an intensive view of multiple software metrics to represent the "health" status of monitoring projects. Here is a screenshot of the Software ICU.

The Software ICU was the subject of my Masters Thesis, and I have two publications based on this research:

  1. "We need more coverage, stat! Experience with the Software ICU".  In Proceedings of the 2009 Conference on Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement (October 2009).
  2. "Learning Empirical Software Engineering Using Software Intensive Care Unit", M.S. Thesis, CSDL Technical Report 09-10, December, 2009.


VotesByUs is currently a "front end" to Google that helps voters find, filter, and organize political information on the internet. Further development plan is to improve the helpers for voters in search of information of electon candidates, and then utilize social networking elements and/or website into the system to further assist users with decision making. Here is a screenshot of the VotesByUs.