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In Language Arts, Social Studies, and Technology classes, we use a variety of digital tools and websites to address our 21st Century Learning needs and to transform the classroom into a digital workspace!

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Language Arts Vermont Department of Ed Benchmarks Source for connecting students to benchmarks of writing genres 
Language Arts Rubric Maker Rubric making website for all projects and products  
Language Arts Montgomery Elementary's Gallery of Writing MES personal Gallery in the National Gallery of Writing 
Social Studies Interactive Mapping Website-Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, Russia, Asia Mapping website and quizzes 
Technology Sites Cartoon Making website Students produce cartoons for various projects 
Technology Sites Library of royalty-free music Different genres and moods of music for podcasts, movies, voicethreads, etc. 
Technology Sites Student Class Emails ePals is a site dedicated to the projects and global collaboration of classrooms around the world 
Technology Sites Makebeliefs comic maker Another comic making website-a bit different than toondoo! 
Technology Sites Interactive Poster Making site Make posters for classes that include text, images, video, and slideshows! 
Technology Sites Mrs. Knapp's helpful site 
Language Arts Scratch A math-based annimator 
Technology Sites Cyber issues for kids resource Legal issues that kids run into through the use of cellphones, iPods, computers, etc 
Language Arts Online safety site  
Language Arts Spelling and Vocabulary Website  
Language Arts search engine, bookmarking, etc. 
Showing 15 items