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Week 5: Reading questions

Chapter Nine

While in the hospital in Vermont recovering from the plane crash, Billy discusses Dresden with another patient. He then travels in time to Dresden and to Tralfamadore.
Identify vocabulary — epigraph
Identify characters — Bertram Copeland Rumfoord, Lily Rumfoord
1.How does Valencia die?
2.What justifications and critiques of the fire-bombing of Dresden does Rumfoord read?
3.What did the old man in Billy’s past think about old age?
4.How had the army improved Robert?
5.What is Professor Rumfoord’s opinion of Billy?
6.What might Billy choose as his happiest moment? Why?
7.What is the only thing Billy cries about in the war?
8.Why is the epigraph of the book Away In A Manger?
9.What is Professor Rumfoord’s opinion of the raid on Dresden?
10.What two acquaintances does Billy indirectly encounter in the “tawdry bookstore”? How?
11.What happens to Billy on the New York radio show?

Chapter Ten

Billy and the other POWs are used by the Germans to exhume corpses after the fire-bombing.
1.What does the author describe as one of his nicest moments?
2.What does the author mean by the term corpse mine?
3.How does the Maori POW die?
4.What new technique for disposing of the corpses is devised?
5.Why do the Germans leave?
6.What does the bird say to Billy Pilgrim? Why?