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Week 4: Reading questions

Chapter Seven

While Billy is in a hospital in Vermont recovering from injuries sustained in a plane crash, he travels through time back to Dresden in 1945.
Identify characters — Werner Gluck
1.Describe the plane crash in which Billy is injured.
2.What do Billy, Gluck, and Derby discover in the first building they enter while looking for the slaughterhouse kitchen?
3.What does the war widow in the kitchen think of Billy, Gluck, and Derby?
4.What work was assigned to the Americans in Dresden?
5.How do the Americans get vitamins and minerals?

Chapter Eight

Billy travels from the slaughterhouse to his meeting with Kilgore Trout, his anniversary party, and back to the fire bombing of Dresden.
Identify vocabulary — nacreous
Identify characters — Howard W. Campbell, Jr., Kilgore Trout, Maggie White, Montana
1.Why does Campbell visit the American POWs?
2.How does Derby respond to Campbell?
3.How does Billy meet Trout?
4.What does Trout’s story about robots say about the bombing of Dresden?
5.What two ‘lies’ does Trout tell Maggie White?
6.How does Billy react to the barbershop quartet? Why?
7.How does Billy describe Dresden after the fire-bombing?
8.What do the American fighter planes do after the fire-bombing?
9.What do the Americans find in the suburb of Dresden?