Reading plan

After having read Kurt Vonnegut's obituary, you are going to read Slaughterhouse-five, a crazy ride of a novel.
Slaughterhouse-five is a brilliant example of postmodernism. The novel combines historical fiction, in that it is a war story, with science fiction,in that it talks about time travel and life on a distant planet, and as such is the first of its kind.  It is sharply critical of war and yet at the same time suggest that anti-war protests are futile. It explores several philosophies - ways of looking at the world - while at the same time making fun of its own quest for truth and meaning.
Week one: read chapters 1 and 2
Week two: read chapters 3 and 4
Week three: read chapters 5 and 6
Week four: read chapters 7 and 8
Week five: read chapters 9 and 10
You will find the book easy to read, but be warned, the plot moves in mysterious ways.
It is therefore essential that you take notes about what happens in the various chapters or you will get completely lost in space.........
Sadly ofcourse,each week you will have to make a number of assignments, which will make this experience less enjoyable for you.
To make matters even worse, you will also be tested on this novel in week 14.  So it goes.
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