Rui Zhuang

324F Nichols Hall
Manhattan, KS 66502

Email: zrui [AT] ksu [DOT] edu

[Curriculum Vitae]
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Hi, I have successfully defended my dissertation in November, 2015. If you are interested, you can find my dissertation "A Theory for Understanding and Quantifying Moving Target Defense" here. My advisor is Dr.Scott DeLoach and I also work with Dr. Xinming Ou. My research interest in general is complex adaptive multi-agent system, where agents work autonomously, but cooperate as part of a team to achieve an overarching goal. 

My current research focus on moving target defense (MTD), an application of adaptive system to cloud security. In particular, the task is to develop a theoretical framework for understanding and quantifying MTD. This framework includes a set of definitions as well as a quantitative and scalable mathematical model to help analyzing and predicting the effectiveness of MTD system. More specifically, it will help designers to decide how to use existing configuration aspects and functionality diversification to provide the defense strength for each security layer and to analyze the effectiveness of adapting various combinations of configuration aspects to thwart different types of attacks. More information can be found in my [publications].

In addition, I have strong interest in robotics. I have worked  on several projects in this area ranging from individual robot to teams of cooperative robots. Concrete examples include human robot team, gesture recognition, extended kalman filter SLAM, etc. These projects experience give me considerable background from high-level system design, abstraction to low-level algorithms implementation. More information can be found in my [projects].