Our Company

We started as a roundtable of finance and investment professionals -- and evolved to include folks knowledgeable in sports, education, and backgammon. On the business end, we network and work with a select group of portfolio managers, traders, CTAs, hedge fund managers, asset-raisers, marketers, knowledge discovery experts, programming and technology experts, and quantitative analysts:
  • to create synergies, 
  • maximize productivity & efficiency, and 
  • make full use of our knowledge and experiences.
As hedge fund portfolio managers and programming / technology experts, we apply quantitative tools and technology to help investors achieve solid risk-adjusted returns and diversification benefits.

As mentors, we work with up and coming traders and hedge fund managers to support growing businesses -- and provide regulatory, administrative, and marketing/asset growth support.

Our people includes Adamah Capital's George Parr and CARAT's Carlton Chin, educator and author James Carl, editor and publisher Ross Wayne -- and other contributors.