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Lynda's B-day at Saddle Ranch 


 *!*!*Dont worry everyone! I am working hard to get the Bull Riding videos working. I'll keep you posted.*!*!*

(8/12-06) I have to admit, there are a few fuzzy parts in my recollection of last night. Nothing to worry about though, happens all the time. However I did have the oportunity to catalog various parts of the night. I think the bull riding was my favorite. Lynda's assult on the birthday cake was entertaining. Ugh I still smell like smoke. . . and Selena's cat. Send me over any pics you have and I'll add them on!

  Lynda the Birthday Girl

The cake had it coming!

!!!And now the Main Event!!!

**Sorry, I'm trying really hard to figure out how to post this movie** ** up. It's a wierd format from my phone. You can still download  ** **                                          it though.                                           **