Real Life Pictures

This is my life on . . . (choose the flavor of the week)  j/k 


 I'm such a freak


 Getting lucky.


Barbara and I after my first surgery.


Barbara and I at PIKE's '05 Semi Formal.


Barbara and I at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.


Arielle and I at SDSU


High school get together with Kristin, Chris, Arielle, and Chad



Frat Guy Doty, Frat Guy Hunter, and Frat Guy Bravo at your service.


Yummy, beer in a jug. 


 I'm just taking a short nap.


  (There are a lot of them, and more comming)


Weekend At Bebbling's

 Sara, Caitlyn, and Kate on the way to Arizona.


Random girl (sorry I forgot your name), Sash, and the back of Shamus in Arizona.


Kate, Jake, Sara, and Caitlyn in Arizona.


Why Kate and Sara make me love college so much.


The Man . . . The Legend. . . Mason.



'05 PIKE Formal in Rosarito, Mexico. 

Barbara, Jackie L., and Jackie T. in Rosarito.


My girlfriend, her roommate and some sleezy ass mexican bartenders. 


Sarah, Jackie T., Barbara, and Jackie L. dancing in Rosarito


Jackie L., Jeff, and an amazing headshot of Jackie T.


 Sarah, Jackie T., my very inebriated girlfriend Barbara, and Jackie L. in Rosarito


Yep that pretty much sums up the night.


 Jake, Lauren, Jackie L., and Jeff in Rosarito

What do Alex, Miguel, a tuxedo, a lighter, fireworks, and a beer have in common?


 The brothers of the UCLA Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity have left thier mark for future generations to enjoy.


 Barbara, the love of my life. Surprisingly sober!



Alpha Pi Pledge Roadtrip


Day 1 - 11:36pm (My car)


Day 2 - 1:10am (Me and my car)


Alpha Pi at the Santa Clara PIKE house.


 Billy, Tori, and Namika at Cal State Chico. 


Me and Tori


How cute, they match.


One  month later. . . 


Spring Break in Vegas 2006

Blah blah blah, my names Lauren, I'm so drunk.


Lauren glowing.

Megan, Lauren and I. Guess where we're at.

Lauren, Megan, and I enjoying a big ass drink.

Back Home 


 Ya I know I'm a nerd but if I see something I like I need to take a picture of it. 

A beautiful Colorado River sunset.