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Humanitarian projects

Summer Camp in Zambratija - Happy Bus with children from Slovenia and Serbia 

is a project for socially disadvantaged, educationally neglected, sexually abused, which helps to move children away from home – away from these problems, to a sea Resort in Zambratija. Children are accompanied by trained escorts which are helping them to get over their traumas from family environment. Children discover and develop their talents, equip themselves with the positive values of life and raise self-esteem while having fun with their peers.
At the same time they are improving their health by doing many activities, and they make new - better patterns of life than what they have received this far.
However, children, who are very threatened by their family environment, we remove from home all throughout the holidays to psychosocial support programs and activities where a safe, creative, peaceful and lively holiday to spend time. Such, where many people's lives for the first time experiencing the warmth, shelter, acceptance and confirmation. These children remain in contact with professional escorts and their mentors, so that they will be good mental, psychological form - when they return home or go to foster care environment.

Psychosocial assistance to families in need 
Every day at the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste – Polje we face a growing number of parents who are having financial and material assistance is also needed for himself and psychosocial assistance and advice in providing their children with emotional mainstays. These are parents from all types of distress to their problems, who, for various reasons, do not want to search for help in the official institutions of the welfare state. Perhaps working in institutions, they cold not find a common language and they can not offer support and time, as people in difficult and complex problems require.
It is because of the hardships and difficulties in personal relationships, bringing up children, unprocessed samples of the past, when relations with its immediate social environment. These are often parents who have the material and financial pressures threaten family harmony and existence, which have lost their jobs and therefore practiced immature, irresponsible and harmful behavior toward children and partners or other family members. It is, consequently, the difficulties experienced by children and adolescents from troubled (dysfunctional) family, school, and by peers (disruptive act, so they exclude peers), have poor academic performance, etc.. There are also cases of psychological and physical violence, an increasing number of educational neglect. 
Distress resulting from the desperation and helplessness or from ignorance. Parents feel unworthy, have poor self-esteem are often depressed, and therefore no longer able to adequately care for their children, for family relationships, etc. At the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste – Polje we offer direct assistance and responding to their specific question. When general discussion on certain family issues are no longer wished to participate, general education for successful parenting is no longer attractive for them… In short, we try to resolve the difficulties in the partnership, parenthood and children together.
- The goal is empowerment of parents (or representatives from the target group). Strengthen their self-esteem, their mental stabilization, so that they can be strengthened in the future easier and solve their own daily hardships and problems. Learning to "knowledge management" at certain times of crisis and the potential for psychosocial co-creation of users or strengthening families.
- To provide an understanding of parents who find themselves in distress
- Help to self-insight and understanding of the problem and therefore help address hardship  - Improve relationships in families and environments in which they live
- To prevent social exclusion
- To prevent suicide, and psychological and physical violence.
- Help (to provide support, support) to resolve complex family psychosocial problems.
Parents (grandparents), partners, foster parents or guardians who have any major problems in management and education of children, difficulty in communicating with children and in their mutual relations, and persons who remain in the divorce, death of a partner themselves.
Artists: Team of experts: social workers, psychologists, mediators

Summer/winter camps in Slovenian mountains (our Holiday home Villa in Kranjska Gora) 

Among the increasing number of children of those who experienced childhood Sun safe, secure, happy or healthy. They are exposed to poverty, unregulated family relations, educational neglect, and even torture and abuse. Social and legal mills grind slowly and so, despite the efforts to change the environment to the child, it remains in the family, which poses a threat.
That is why we have developed a project that even a weekend away from home, children, psychosocial support offered to them, allow them a healthy childhood, acceptance, warmth. Will encourage them to socialize tolerant, healthy lifestyle, equipped with the skills and methods of making, self-assessment would have increased self-esteem and academic achievement .... The children will participate goodwill mentors and experts who have children and they have confidence in other forms of actions already taken to role models, friends, parents, and a similar replacement.
The children we offer: 
* Relaxation, acceptance, warmth
* Psychosocial support
* Educational assistance through the game and learn about nature
* Socialization
* Introduction to healthy lifestyle
* Different methods of relaxation
* Information for safe childhood and youth
Every weekend we children proposed by our volunteers, providing free educational assistance to children at the basic schools, centers for social work, health centers and volunteers ZPM, drove home in a holiday villa, Vršiška 73, Kranjska Gora. The unspoiled nature, in the middle of fairy land Kekčeva implementation of the project will take place, which will represent a first housing and healthy child care.
Owerall help to families in need:
Administration of families in distress is an integral part of comprehensive assistance to families who have found themselves under the edge of subsistence. That the means at their disposal can not survive. To the family budget can not guarantee the quality of life of children and adolescents, can help children to basic goods necessary for life, health, education or recovery. Who do not have suitable conditions for the safe stay ... ..
Administration of families in distress is to gain and use humanitarian financial or material resources for the family, asking for help. Administration is checking the actual physical and financial situation of the family, requesting humanitarian aid. And monitoring the intended use of humanitarian resources, which means the Dial-up and have been made. And is planning to help families survive with the resources available to use the resources of humanitarian aid.

The primary purpose of custody, so the families:

1st Checking the facts - family distress.
A representative of the ZPM Moste Ljubljana Polje, the consent of the family, asking for humanitarian aid - enters the family home. Talk about need, demand and examine the situation in which the family resides. Furthermore, the potential wealth, status and so on. Check all family relationships and where, except ZPM, he now turned for help and kakšniobliki and how it is received, if any. Based on data collected suggests forms of assistance (financial, material) and assess the level of assistance that would enable families to eliminate overcrowding and a decent life. If it finds that the family is also needed psychosocial support is also included in this project, conducted at the ZPM Moste Box Ljubljana
2nd Proposal for use of humanitarian funds: When the ZPM to obtain or provide financial or material support provided for the family, guardian to arrange for a strictly functional and optimal use of resources. If it means more than the family needs - Guardian also recommends how to allocate resources for the future.
3rd Evidence on the use of humanitarian funds: Families who receive humanitarian funding is also required to give the trustee, sent also to provide evidence of the use of funds.
4th Humanitarian family resources have been allocated to overcome disease, poverty, natural disasters, death in the family, the purchase of disability aids, medical supplies, water supply, electricity and basic living necessities, especially the provision of basic conditions for survival and preservation of dignity. Any remaining funding is always dedicated to improving their quality of life of children and families as a whole.
Therefore, the trustee, together with the family, prepare a plan for the future family life, which also means the efficient handling of the family budget.
Administration of the family is an integral part of a comprehensive treatment of families in need. Means the provision of financial, physical, psychosocial and administrative support and family empowerment

Public kitchen

Together with Rotary club Slovenia, Lions club Slovenia, Karitas Slovenia and  Red Cross Slovenia, we are offering daily free meals to families who are on the edge of survival, which do not have much resources to allow children a hot meal. 


It is a project which takes place directly help .. Many of the families that beating the battle for survival. Which in winter means no heating or that of other necessary goods not to speak. All too many families who do not know what these family vacations that have never been on holiday, along with children and there are many good people, donors to connect directly with families to help them. The material goods, resources .... And that is aid which is also strongly blossom at this time. A lot of happy families.
We hope that families would also allow the family vacation. Very we want donors to have their holiday facilities where the sea, but could be withdrawn for a few days the family. To feel what it is to be with the children at sea, that at least once in their parental role to children to allow joint holiday with their parents.

Food for poor children

Conducted by co-financing of the Municipality of Ljubljana, which by means of calls to help children during holidays. Poor families who do not have the nutrition of children through MZPM help with food parcels. Children who are included in the free vacation offer free care and food, entrance fees, services and more.

Humanitarian assistance to families through the media
Suggestions for families and children who need humanitarian aid coming from all over Slovenia.
Illness, death, natural disaster or simply and only hell of poverty, both of which obupujejo parents as their children. All these stories can be also found on the TV screen TV of Slovenia, who kindly invites viewers to help people in distress. Thanks TV Slovenia, Thank you Mr. Mario, thank you Team Weekly Newspapers (Weekly TV link), thanks Labirintov team. Help you save a lot of small and large destinies of people, but they will. Thank you and all viewers, which means returning to your people's dignity and strength for life!
However, children and families also written extensively assist the media - we are immensely grateful to She magazine editors, Jane, our wife .... All that sensitively accompanied by social events and help selfless help...

Charity Campaign "Are children better than the stock market gurus"

Children are apparently donated thousands of euros invested in your fund each. Or will they again managed to beat stock market gurus?
Simultaneously with the completion of other humanitarian campaign that started a third. Children are selected mutual funds, which will be precious each donated thousands of euros. From journal My Finance will monitor whether their portfolio will be in better days oplemenitilkot participating fund portfolio management companies. Offered to return the money and created the children finally received in May next year.

With knowledge though the barriers

Every child wants to be accepted, happy, prosperous. Successful at school. But, unfortunately, this is not given to everyone. Academic achievement is also affected by the family situation, social weakness, child's - teacher attitudes, school environment, friends... There isn’t a child or young student who would not have the goal to be successful. Often and many people are stuck in primary school. That is why we formed the project: With knowledge though the barriers. For children, students who cannot manage on their own.

Our project takes form in a one week camps in the mountains. And so, every school year we step into the lives of children and students who need us. Every parent hopes that their child would be successful in school and society. Success is linked to many factors. And one is also, that children can really imagine what subjects look like for real. We try to show them in the way that is understandable and appealing. For example: it looks totally different if they see the mathematical equation "processed" in the measurement of a pile of firewood, its own shadow, jumps into the distance, pour the liquid from larger to smaller bottles and tasks like. They can experience the Alps, which are known for its rich flora, fauna, with the direct experience. They write poems, stories, and present them to each other and much more. These are the holidays, where children learn by playing. They will remember the lessons and knowledge they gained for all their life and consolidate it with their peers. Since everything they do, they do in relaxed, friendly environment, no pressure of time and material in nature, and with people who know how to animate, are tolerant and open to all dilemmas. They learn new skills, to raise their self-esteem and to successfully move forward. We help them if they have learning disabilities, difficulty in understanding the problems at home or problems growing up.

Many successful generations of children have occurred in those holiday projects. And there is one thing that stays the same for everyone: they had spent the best time, which they will remember as the holidays where they have relaxed, enjoyed and have learned to sooooo much. It was easier for them to enter the next grade because they finally understood the study material.

Free family vacation

In 2008, you, my dear good people, helped 278 children spend your holidays for free.
These small, curious, happy children and young people-is with your help, feel happiness.
That, for many hitherto unknown, by Anja described as follows: baby me as mad when I think how it got only. And I got no blow, no one has shouted at me and I learned that I need to wash your teeth. But I am not afraid of the sea more and I can already swim. And how many children. I've never had so many friends. And what would you give to my teacher was my mother ... .. I can go with you again?

They were stories that are accompanying us, I really used to all evil, all too often trigger the tears in his eyes. Because too many children did not want more homes. Because what they get in our embrace, because they have their zvedavost, discover talents, and released a loud laugh, but not least in the eyes sparkle, thanks to confirm that they had the opportunity to experience the vacation of their peers, a happy, healthy, unforgettable.
Peter, Sonja, Kristina, Tina, Nina, Rebecca, Ksenja, Anja, illegal, Ana, Deadline, Erna, Blaz, Emma, John, Francis, Gregory, Marjanca ... .... will remain grateful to you for a long number of years. Stay with them still on!

Winter holidays

Snow delight every child. More snowmen. And when they see how children are happy to make the first steps on skis when you go Mon snow slopes. With the help of teachers who are good, which has become their role models. Yes, the skiing is one of the sports that raise children's awareness. When you manage, acquire snow slope and the dip in brightness of relaxation, pleasure and friendship. And snow invites children, even to me. On the slopes of Kranjska Gora in the beautiful villa experience. Among peers, according to new experiences. In particular, children who have parents that can not be allowed!

Day trips

We organize the whole year. During the summer holidays over any other, at least by one. And where to move children who remain at home.
On the sea-spa, Aqua Park in Bohinj Bistrica in Kranjska Gora, Tamar, Planica, Postojna, Catez, the Pikin Festival Velenje and elsewhere. Yes, even in Kulm, on we went to ski. And we will.
Wherever you are Give All the children with us unforgettable!