Children's holiday home Vila, Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
The holiday home is located in the Land of Kekec in the Triglav National Park, at the foothill of the
mountain Prisojnik. This is an oasis of peace, beauty, kindness, helpfulness, that offers young
and old guests enormous educational, social and sports programs throughout the year.


The river Pišnica and the lake Jasna are just a stone's throw away from the home, which is located 75 km from Ljubljana, and 2 km outside Kranjska Gora. The location is ideal for researching undemanding mountain routes, such as Vršič, Prisank, Krnica, Tamar, Zelenci (the source of the river Sava) and many more. The home is located in 20 minutes of walking distance from the town and the lake Jasna, where children can go ice-skating in the winter or take a refreshing swim in the summer.
The holiday home has two floors and 71 beds in seven rooms. Each room has its own shower. The house has a common room with a fireplace, a playroom and a large multipurpose room/winter garden. The house is equipped with audio and video equipment, microscopes and computers.
Users can freely access the Internet via wireless connections.

Types of rooms: Room no. - No.beds
Room no.1 1.foor - 10
Room bo.2 1.foor - 12
Room bo.3 1.foor - 6
Room bo.4 2.foor - 10
Room bo.5 2.foor - 12
Room bo.6 2.foor - 6
Room bo.7 3.foor - 15


1. Prices for kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and educational institutions:
3.3.-30.4. AND 1.9.-21.12.
22.12.-2.3. AND
 KINDERGARTEN 18,15 €  19,70 € 
 PRIMARY SCHOOL 19,25 € 20,35 €
 SECONDARY SCHOOL 21,45 € 23,10 €
 EDUCATIONAL INST. 24,20 € 26,40 €

Price for one person per day.
The price is the same for children and teachers!
For less than 3 nights, the price of services increased by 10%.

The price includes:
- 5 servings a day (Full Board),
- Drinks throughout the day,
- Bedding,
- Free Wi-Fi
- The use of audio-video devices, computers projector
- The use of skis and sledges,
- By prior arrangement we offer vegeterian food and other diet meals.

2. Prices for individual guests:

 KINDERGARTEN 16,90 € 20,80 €
 PRIMARY SCHOOL 18,20 € 22,40 €
 SECONDARY SCHOOL 20,80 € 25,60 €
 ADULTS  26,00 € 32,00 €

For less than 3 nights, the price of services increased by 10%.

Phone: 00386 82 058209


The activities are mostly connected with sports and learning: 
- We will visit a mountain rescuer that will talk to you about the safety in the mountains.
- A forester will tell you all you want to know about different trees and the life in the woods in the area.
- Fishermen will show you how to catch fish and release them back into the wild, without hurting them. 
- Because the holiday home has an excellent location, we organize walks along the rivers Sava and Pišnica, and a visit to Zelenci, where the source of the Sava Dolinka is located. We also organize trips to nearby mountains, such as Krnica, Tamar, Ponce and other places that offer staggering natural beauty, mostly within the Triglav National Park.
- One of the most anticipated trips is a trip to the Land of Kekec, where children can meet the characters, such as Kekec, Bedanec and Pehta. 
- For all of the animal lovers, there is a small zoo and a sheep farm nearby. 
- We also offer sledding (we own 30 sleds) or swimming (in a nearby hotel). 
- Winter time in Kranjska Gora is a real treat for those who love snow and skiing. You can sign up for skiing lessons intended for complete beginners and also for those that want to improve their skiing technique. 
- Other activities for the slightly older: cross-country skiing, riding snowmobiles, ski touring, climbing frozen waterfalls, wellness and much more.