FAQ - English

This is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have other questions, please ask me via email: Contact

Some people post questions in the review section of the Android Market and are not aware that I can't answer there.

Q: Where is the equalizer?

The equalizer is available for most devices with Android 2.3 and newer. If you have an older device, there is no way to use the equalizer.
You can access the equalizer in two ways. Once you play music, there is the equalizer button on the right side:

The second way is to use a 'wipe' gesture from the right to the left.
The equalizer is part of the Android system. The player is just a front-end for that.
For whatever reasons it happens on some devices that the system reports to the player that there is no equalizer.
In such cases it usually helps to reboot the device.
Some users reported that this behavior did not happen anymore after uninstalling other apps using the equalizer (like other alternative players).

Q: Is there a fast access for equalizer settings?

Yes. If you long-press the equalizer button, there will be a pop-up menu where you can select a preset or disable the equalizer:

Q: Why are my headset buttons not working?

There can be several reasons. The player needs to get button events from the operating system. If this works depends on your device, the headset and even the firmware version. Most of the time the original headset which came with the device is working. Bluetooth headsets do not always work. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do on my side if there is a incompatibility.

Q: My headset buttons stop working after I turn off the display

Some devices seem to use a very aggressive power management in order so save as much battery power as possible. If you have such a device, the operating system does not forward headset button events to the player. There is the setting "Keep CPU running". You can try if this helps. Please be aware that using this option may cause higher battery drain.

Q: Why do I still see advertisements? I paid for the full version.

When you buy the full version, the free version is not uninstalled automatically. Most likely you still start the free version.
Please uninstall the free version manually and try again.

Q: How do I repeat a song?

Once you play a track, long-press on it in the list. There should be a popup menu where you can select 'Repeat'.
Another possibility is to use the 'Quick Actions' menu. You can reach that with a long tap on the Play/Pause button.
There you find some additional useful shortcuts.

Q: Why does the player requests permissions?

Fortunately the Android operating system doesn't allow Apps access to all data and functions of your device. For some features the app needs permissions you grant by installing the app.
I understand that some permissions are not clear if you don't know all features of the player. The following list shows each permission and for what feature each permission is required.

Storage: This is necessary for renaming and deleting audio files. Also the playback progress is saved within each folder.
Network communication: The free version is supported by advertisements which need to be fetched from a server. The full version which does not sow advertisements does not request this permission.
Phone calls: This permission is required in order to pause playback during calls. Of course the player does not read who you are calling or who is calling you.
System tools: The player can be configured to keep the backlight on. This permission is required to access the backlight.
Bluetooth: The player needs to be able to detect that a Bluetooth headset (or any other A2DP device) connected in order to switch to the car/sports mode if that's configured by the user.

Unfortunately Google missed to provide some of the permissions in a more fine grained way. For example the player can theoretically read incoming or outgoing call numbers because the it is the same permission which allows to detect that a call starts.
Of course the player is not interested in any phone number. The full version requires this permission as well, but since it does not have internet access permission, it would not have the possibility to send this data anywhere.
I assure you that the player does not collect any personal data.
If you need further information, please contact me via email. I will answer all your questions as good as I can.