Curriculum Vitae


Zoran Kojcic was born on October 2nd 1986 in Vukovar, Croatia. He attended primary school in Dalj and High School in Vukovar. In 2005 he enrolled in undergraduate studies of Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature at University J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek. In 2009 he acquired title of University Bachelor defending thesis 'Time and Eternity in Cosmogony of Plato’s Timaeus'. Same year he enrolled in Graduate School of Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature at same University. In 2011 he completed Graduate Studies defending thesis 'Rhetoric of ritual invocations of demonological beings in Oral tradition', acquiring Masters Degree in Philosophy and Croatian Language and Literature.

Since September 2011 he is employed as Croatian Language teacher and school librarian at High School Dalj. Since December 2011 to May 2012 he was employed at Entrepreneurship Development Centre of Erdut Municipality, as freelance translator. In 2013 he started his PhD research in Humanities (Philosophical Practice) as independent researcher.

In May 2011 he attended international Student Linguistic Conference (STULIKON) at Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade, presenting paper 'Magical invocation of demonological beings in Croatian Oral tales in accordance with Dell Hymes’ Ethnography of Communication'.

In May 2012 presented papers and attended conferences: 

1) Possibilities of philosophizing with Ancient Aliens; Filmosophy, Student Conference, Faculty of Philosophy, University Osijek.

2) Performative Body transformation and loss of Awareness in Werewolves of oral tradition; international Body and Awareness Conference, Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Zadar

Since 2009 he is a member of editorial board and associate in online magazine, Zapad. He published poetry, short stories and reviews in magazines Aleph, Avangrad, Školske novine, Medjutim and Afirmator.

In July 2012 attended Philosophy Summer School in Prvic, Croatia, as a volunteer and lecturer.

In August 2012 attended international summer seminar Practicing Philosophy, in La Chapelle st Andre, France.

From February to April 2013 organized and facilitated Philosophy for Elders workshop program, consisting of six workshops dealing with critical thinking skills, argumentation, conceptualisation, questioning and Socratic Dialogue.

In March 2013 held a lecture 'Critical Thinking Skills and Socratic Dialogue in Literature Classes', at County Literature Teacher's Council, in Osijek, Croatia.

In July 2013 completed international program of certification for Philosophical Counsellor, provided by Portuguese Gabinete Project@.

In August 2013 participated in 2nd Philosophy Summer School in Prvic, Croatia as workshop facilitator.

In September 2013 presented paper 'Communicating Philosophical Counselling' at International Perspectives of Philosophy conference in Cres, Croatia.

In October 2013 cofounded Croatian Society for Philosophical Practice and elected as President.

In 2014 published several papers on Philosophical Practices and philosophical novel titled 'Walk through...'

In April 2014 will give a lecture on History and Methods of Philosophical Practices at National Seminar for Philosophy and Ethics Teachers in Sibenik, Croatia.

In August 2014 will present workshop on Mobile Philosophy at 13th International Philosophical Practices Conference, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Member of Petit Philosophy, Croatian association for Philosophy with children and Matrix Croatica.